Engagement Pictures on the Beach and Newburyport, MA :: Arianne + Roger

Do you remember Arianne & Roger and the story of how they met?

Last time you saw them we were in the depths of winter in Boston **here** and it was soooo chilly that we planned a quick spring shoot and it came around so quickly! Arianne was home for spring break from medical school this week and as luck would have it we had a perfect blue sky day for our beach shoot. It seems somewhat ironic as we currently have 6 inches of snow on the ground...

The best time of day for pictures is usually a couple of hours after sunrise or before sunset - you get beautiful soft golden light (bear this in mind if you're planning an outdoor wedding ceremony - noon makes it kind of tough!) but I think it's all too easy to play "safe" and only shoot in open shade. The sun can be your friend ;)

And after 5 months of snow and rain and winter boots and wellingtons do you know how happy I was to see Arianne & Roger's matching sneakers! Love!!!

Do you see what I mean about embracing the sun? Arianne - I can't wait to photograph you as a bride! I think I'm almost as excited as Roger to see you in your wedding dress!

Roger looking pretty sharp too:

I really love this picture, might be my favorite from the shoot:

If I had to give each picture a name I'd maybe call it "safe" or "secure"...

I asked Arianne & Roger if they'd like to go to Newburyport for a little while and Arianne was all "ooooh - would there be any hot chocolate?!"

Arianne & Roger are officially adorable:

The old-fashioned gas lamps in Newburyport lit up with perfect timing:

And then it was time to go home (via Joppa Fine Foods for me to stock up on yummy cheese and wine!). Arianne & Roger - I hope you enjoy these little preview shots - lots more to come and I can't wait until your June wedding!

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  1. LOOOOVE the image of them on the swing! What a great spring session, those blue skies are gorgeous! Hopefully they'll be back before July!

  2. Leah - Yet again, you've managed to capture our true happiness. You are a master at your craft. Although the sun was out, it was still pretty chilly but we had a GREAT time!! Can't wait to see what you have in store for 6/11/11.

  3. GORGEOUS, GORGEOUS, GORGEOUS!! did I mention it was gorgeous?! Looking forward to seeing this adorable on their wedding day! Great shots as usual! :)

  4. What a great selection of images - very original