Royal Wedding Day Review

Well, I did it. Proved myself a loyal British citizen. Dragged myself out of bed at 5:30 to watch HRH Prince William marry Catherine Middleton. I'm normally a loyal Today show viewer but I couldn't deal with the random "experts" they were interviewing whilst trying to figure out what was going on ;) so I chose BBC America and they did an excellent job.

So my initial review of the Royal Wedding:
- The Queen looked good in her sunny yellow outfit
- Princess Beatrice & Eugenie's hats and outfits. Really? Beatrice looked like she had an alien on her head. Seriously, someone needs to take those two in hand.
- William looked pretty handsome in the uniform of the Irish Guard. I loved how he waited in the knave with Harry so he didn't accidentally see Kate before she walked down the altar.
- Kate looked beautiful. Bravo! Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen designed a wonderful dress. The Queen loaned Kate a Cartier tiara and her parent's gave her a beautiful pair of diamond earrings incorporating the acorn design of their new coat of arms. I wasn't loving the ever so slightly limp veil and the flowers were completely underwhelming but you can't have it all!
- As Kate got into the car with her father to take her to Westminster Abbey you could see one of the official wedding photographers taking pictures. She was wearing a full black skirt, super tight silk green halter top and a miniature black top hat. Not sure how appropriate/unobtrusive that was...
- Westminster Abbey was beautifully lit and filled with trees, a stunningly historic venue.
- Kate's sister and maid of honor Pippa wore white. She looked stunning but I couldn't help but think she looked a little too bride-like.
- The ceremony was lovely and they looked really happy. I can't imagine the pressure and nerves if you know 2 billion people are watching you!
- Loved the happy little waves from the newlyweds, the new Duke & Duchess of Cambridge as they rode in their carriage to Buckingham Palace.

I planned on having a couple of glasses of champagne but it was too early - perhaps I'll have one this afternoon! I promised you a picture of me in a hat for Royal Wedding day so courtesy of Susan Ashe here you go:

Don't worry - I wear unobtrusive black to photograph weddings but this was a pre-wedding race day in Saratoga last year and I was there as a guest with Mr H. Who needs a purse when you have a stylish black Nikon D3s...

Did you watch the wedding? Thoughts? Did you cry? Did you feel for Kate when you saw her hand shaking as she walked up the aisle on the arm of her father? I have a wedding to photograph in York, Maine tomorrow and I'm so excited. I'm in full-on wedding fever mode!


  1. Leah - I loved your posts this week! And these pics of you are too cute. Can't wait to see you again soon.

  2. LOVE your shoes above! GAH!!!!!

    I drank champagne at 5AM. ;)

  3. @Lauren - thank you! Not long to go until September...let me know if you and Dave are back in New England over the summer...

    @Corey Thanks! I hope your mid-morning hangover wasn't too bad!

  4. Awesome hat! And what a great combo with those shoes! Totally love it. Oh, and I did catch a little of William and Kate this morning. Her dress is amazing - incredible lace! I bet they are still dancing the night away. So a little champagne tonight might be in order.

  5. Cute! I love your blue shoes too! Those are adorable!!

    I got sucked into watching the recap of the wedding this weekend. Wow, it was stunning in HD! And I *loved* Kate's dress. Rich was admiring all the fancy camera work, especially the crane shots and the sky high shots inside the cathedral! Beautiful!

  6. Leah,
    I got up at 4:45 am to watch. I had 3 VCRs taping!
    I made cinnamon bread and eagerly watched for my work friend to come down to re-watch it with me and she arrived at noon and stayed until 4:30 p.m. She watched the BBC at home and had got up at 3:30 am. We had so much fun comparing what we heard and looking thru 2 books I had on Charles and Diana's wedding. I loved the couple driving away in the blue car. The dress was stunning. So was the wedding cake and the special chocolate biscuit cake for the groom. Kathryn (Jenn's Mom) Sept. 24th wedding last year.