Engagement Pictures in Newburyport and Lowell :: Katie + Donnie + Achilles the Dog

Bridget & Matt's wedding reception at the New England Aquarium is coming very very very soon but I just realized that it's just a few weeks to Katie & Donnie's wedding at the Barn at Gibbet Hill and so it's time to see their engagement pictures!

We met up in Newburyport for a pre-shoot cocktail (I have a strict no-drinking whilst working rule at weddings but engagement shoots are a little more relaxed!) and I don't think I can even attempt to put into words how hilarious Donnie and Katie are together. I'll just share this one little anecdote and then on with the pictures.

Katie was telling me how she was playing wingman (actually I guess it would be wingwoman) for a friend who was dating a guy at the local firehouse where Donnie is a firefighter and how they got to talking....dating...getting married. I asked "So how long have you guys been together?" and Donnie replied "just a few weeks" with great sincerity. I was a little puzzled as Katie and Donnie looked at each other, smiled and said "Hello, pleased to meet you."

Donnie then explained that even after all these years together, they're continually finding out new things about each other and each time they do they say "Hello, pleased to meet you." I think this is just wonderful. From Katie finding out that Donnie likes to go to Barnes & Noble and read whilst she's working (shifts as a nurse) to Donnie finding out that Katie doesn't like red peppers (or maybe really likes them, I know it was something to do with peppers!) - I love it!

Anyhoo, we started our shoot in Newburyport, these two pictures were literally the first two images I caught, no posing/direction, and I'm thinking "Wow - look at Katie & Donnie!!!" and then the giggles and belly laughs followed :)

We headed over to Salisbury Beach which may have been officially closed but after some super polite pleas we were given 15 minutes...Katie brought awesome heels but soon kicked them off to walk on the sand. Donnie made me promise to get a picture of Katie in heels. Donnie - this one's for you:

So then we leave the beach and it's pitch black dark and Donnie's all "Hey! Let's stop by the Newburyport Fire Station!" and we do and I can't tell you how amazing they were, rolling out a fire truck for us and being generally awesome. Katie laughed and said there was no way that Donnie would have done this at his own fire station as his buddies would have had a lot of fun with it:

We all had so much fun that a few days later I went to Lowell to get some pictures of Katie & Donnie walking Achilles the dog which they do on most days when they're both not working.

Thirsty work being a supermodel doggie:

This is a ginkgo biloba tree. Who knew?

Katie & Donnie (and Achilles) - you guys are great! Good times with pomegranate martinis - hold the passion fruit. You have no idea how much I'm looking forward to your wedding. I'm only sorry that Achilles won't be the ring bearer dog :(


  1. We love the pics!
    <3 K & A

  2. love love love love love - can't wait until the wedding - this will be a blast!!!!!!

  3. Leah!! Donnie & I love the pics!!! You did an amazing job!! Thank you! We can't wait for the wedding!!
    <3 Kate

  4. Gorgeous! This couple looks like a ton of fun & super photogenic! Can't wait to see the we'd pics!

  5. Kate - I can't wait for your wedding either!!! So fun hanging out with you and Donnie!

    Tracy - thank you!!!

  6. Thank you Tracy!!!
    - Kate