NH Wedding Photobooth :: Katy & Sean's wedding at Atkinson Country Club

Since I posted **this** a few weeks back introducing the crazy fun photobooth now offered by Leah Haydock Photography at weddings in Boston, MA, New Hampshire and Maine I've had lots of questions and interest.

So here are some more pictures from the last photobooth outing. If you were a guest at Katy & Sean's amazing wedding in Atkinson and you want to be reminded of the fun you had with giant toothbrushes and viking hats you can head on over **here** to the viewing gallery. The password is the Sean's last name. And if you don't know the last name of the groom you were probably a wedding crasher and don't deserve to see the pictures ;)

If you're interested in having the photobooth at your wedding, here's the 411:
- You need to check with your venue that they have space - we need a 10x10 foot area with at a 10 foot high ceiling at a minimum
- You can choose from my props - pirate or viking hats, giant toothbrushes and combs, crazy sunglasses and much more. Or you can make your own props. Or if you have a more reserved crowd you can consider simple chalk boards for them to write messages on.
- Then email me at leah@leahhaydock.com or call me at 603 571 LEAH and we can chat!

You can take as MANY pictures as you like ;)

I'm sure this gentleman is a lovely person but if I had to name this image I might call it "Menacing Spiderman with Chardonnay"

You can also hop on over the the official facebook page for Leah Haydock Photography by clicking **here**, once you arrive and hit "like" you'll be able to tag yourself and friends in photobooth pictures.

I also think this could be a hat-trick day with a third blog post - what do you think? Want more? Should I save it until Monday?

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