Trinity Church + New England Aquarium Wedding :: Boston, MA Photographer :: Bridget + Matt (Part II)

Hello! Did you miss the getting ready pictures at the Marriott Custom House? If so you need to click **here** and then get ready for the epicness of Bridget & Matt's first look, wedding pictures in Christopher Columbus park and wedding ceremony at Trinity Church.

First looks are great because:
1. You get to spend more time with each other on your wedding day - it's often the only quiet time you'll have alone together
2. We can do a lot of pictures earlier in the day when hair and make up is fresh
3. You actually get to enjoy your own wedding - who doesn't love a glass of champagne whilst mingling with friends and family at cocktail hour - why miss it for pictures?

A first look isn't all about pictures! I absolutely capture the expressions when you see each other for the first time but I also leave the couple alone for some quiet time - I could see this image as the front of a card or large wall abstract:

We then hopped on the trolley and went over to Christopher Columbus park on the waterfront to do some wedding party pictures (remember your permits people!). This might have been one of the largest bridal parties I've ever photographed but I was struck by how close and real the relationships were - lots of kindergarten and high school and college friends.

It was Stanley Cup Parade day for the Boston Bruins and the fans were out in force cheering and clapping when they saw the wedding party. We even saw a real live Bruin who graciously agreed to a picture. I'm ashamed to admit that I don't know his name. Answers on a postcard or in the comments please...

Bridget's bridesmaids were not only super cute but they were all an absolute hoot and lovely to work with and Matt's groomsmen weren't bad either ;)

Bridget asked me a couple of times during the day "Leah - are the pictures coming out OK? I know they'll be great because you're taking them but you've got to deal with us as your subjects." Um hum. Bridget - you really don't see yourself clearly. You are officially beautiful. I hope this picture helps to convince you :)

Walking back to the trolley - loving the laughter:

We arrived at Trinity Church on Clarendon St in Boston's Back Bay and I snapped this one before we headed inside:

A quick piece of advice when choosing a church for your wedding ceremony. Ask ahead of time if there are any photography policies or restrictions. Trinity Church is an absolutely beautiful and welcoming church with possibly the strictest photography rules I've ever encountered. I had to sign a number of documents agreeing to the rules stating that I wouldn't come between the guests and the ceremony, no movement, no flash i.e. your photographer must officially stay at the back of the (very dark) church and not move at all.

I totally respect the rules of whichever location I am photographing in but I knew this would mean very very very limited coverage for Bridget and Matt. Even with my most powerful zoon lens, as soon as they went up further into the church to say their vows we would be looking at teeny tiny images. So I pulled my "super respectful polite photographer card" - I think the British accent helps me in these cases too - and humbly requested that I be allowed to sit in one of the pews with a small camera, no flash at all and I wouldn't move. And it worked! But be aware if you're planning your ceremony at Trinity it kind of depends on the officiant and you should be prepared for minimal coverage with no opportunity for close ups.

Trinity do allow you to "recreate" certain moments for photographs after the ceremony - the rings/the kiss but here's my take on this. Marriage isn't always easy. In fact, sometimes it's quite hard. And whilst I don't think that a photograph can fix marriage problems, I believe that looking at real moments that happened during your wedding ceremony can bring back memories and feelings. I hope that Bridget and Matt will look at these pictures in years to come and remember how they felt, Bridget's excited little wave, the nervous giggles, looking at each other. I can't imagine looking at a picture where you pretend to exchange rings would have the same impact.

Bridget and Matt are married!!!

See the proof above! Next up is the CRAZIEST wedding reception EVER. Penguins! Sharks! A groom with a shark phobia! Cake pops! Push ups on the dancefloor! You don't want to miss it! Head over to my facebook page Leah Haydock Photography and hit LIKE to see the occasional sneak peak before I update the blog on Monday....

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  1. Gorgeous work Leah!! That Bruin is Mark Recchi by the way :)