Tupper Manor Wedding :: Boston North Shore Photographer :: Hillary + Paul

I'm trying something new today. I usually do multiple blog posts per wedding but I'm going to do one giant post and cover the whole wedding. I also think I talk to much so I'm keeping quiet and letting the pictures talk. I'd love to know what you think in the comments. According to Google Analytics there are around 5000 readers each month so don't be shy - let me know what you prefer - lots of posts over a week/one giant post for each wedding?

Best Northshore Wedding Venue: Tupper Manor at the Wylie Inn and Conference Center
Northshore Wedding Photographer: Leah Haydock Photography
Wedding Officiant: Reverand LisaAnn Donegan
Wedding rings: Long’s Jewelers, Natick, MA
Wedding Stationary: No Regrets, Newton, MA
Beautiful Flowers & Lemon Display: Les Fleurs, Andover, MA
Cake: The Icing On the Cake, Newton, MA & Jenny’s Wedding Cakes, Amesbury, MA
Amazing Guitar trio: Back Bay Guitar Trio, Manchester, NH
DJ/Band: C-Zone Music, Mike Paganelli, Natick, MA
Balloon D├ęcor: Ilisa’s, Wayland, MA

And I can't help myself from talking, I HAVE to do a little review of Tupper Manor as a wedding venue because it's AMAZING for so many reasons including:
- Just 20 minutes from Boston
- It has everything you could possibly want in a Northshore wedding venue - a beautiful interior, lovely bridal suite for getting ready, accommodation for your guests, a BEACH, waterfront, beautiful gardens, outdoor ceremony by the waterfall...
- The team are amazing - Christina & Christina and everyone else are super lovely and helpful and everything just runs so smoothly. For example, they do vendor meals at the same time as your guests are eating. You have no idea how helpful this is and how many venues don't do this - means that as soon as dinner is over your photographer, DJ etc are all ready to go.
- Some venues only really work with good weather but Tupper Manor shines no matter the weather or season. The indoor areas are beautiful and have huge windows so even in bad winter/winter you feel like you're outside.

And that's it from me! Comments please - do you like the new format?


  1. Hi Leah! Wow, amazing photos as always! Your new blog style is great, lots of amazing photos! But this one has me scratching my head... what were the B&G doing with the scissors? Cutting their way down the aisle? I'm so curious of the significance!

    Can you believe our 1 year anniversary is next week? I can't! We will for sure be reliving the day going through our amazing wedding album. Thank you again for being such a great photographer and friend during our wedding!

    Love, Neeta and Rich :)

  2. PS. I wish their was a *like* or *LOVE* button on your blog! These photos are so striking. But then again, then I'd be liking and loving every one! Your clients are so lucky. :)

    Quick favorites: the B&W of the ring exchange (she looks so lovely!) and the last one with the umbrella. Oh, so pretty!!! I want to get married again... :)

  3. @Neeta Hello!!! I miss your little comments!!! How quickly a year goes by! It seems like only yesterday that Liger got to see his parents married ;)

    The ribbon cutting ceremony was beautiful - first time I have seen it - Reverand LisaAnn Donegan explained that the ribbons would be stretched across the aisle to signify tough times ahead in the future but with the support of friends and family and by working together you can get through them.