Henderson House Wedding :: Weston, MA :: Caitlin + Peter

Brangelina. Bennifer. Robsten. TomKat. Couple names. All the cool people have them. So today I give you the wedding of Bowstracane which is what you get when a Castracane marries a Bowring ;)

The wedding took place at Henderson House in Weston, MA and it's SUCH a beautiful wedding venue. The historic house has so many great locations for wedding photography, the grand staircase, marble fireplaces, open rooms and lovely gardens. The Henderson House team are also super helpful and friendly!

I think it's safe to say that Peter is kind of fanatic about cycling, at one point I heard his bicycle would be present at the wedding, and so the wedding stationery was personalized with the cute little couple on a bicycle:

Caitlin's beautiful purple Badgley Mischka shoes took a little spin on the dancefloor:

Henderson House has a great set up for weddings, up the grand staircase the building is kind of split in two so the each half of the couple can get ready without the other seeing them. I went over to the guys side. Dan Paul and Adam were just chillin' as Peter got ready for the first look with Caitlin:

Jennifer, Robyn and Jaime helped Caitlin into her gown and with her jewelry:

Then it was time for the first look (a beautiful and private time for the couple to see each other prior to the ceremony - I have a blog post coming up on this - in fact, if you did a first look AND I was your wedding photographer, feel free to hop on over to my survey to give your first look feedback!) - so many cute little moments and Peter pulled out all the stops with a beautiful necklace for Caitlin:

How adorable are Caitlin and Peter together?

Your wedding day will fly by in a flash so it can be really nice and relaxing to have extra time together to just "be" together (plus you get TONS of extra lovely images if you give me more time...)

Hilarious wedding party. Like I was really laughing too for most of these pictures:

Relaxed family pictures:

More time for pictures = More pictures. Like these:

I was planning on making this a 2-part blog post but it looks like we're going for 2.5 because there are too many pictures I want to share with you. The best part is that part 1.5 is ready now!!! So say hello/leave a comment below and I'll put it up very soon! More comments = Faster blogging from Leah :)

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