Old South Church + Boston State Room Wedding Photographer :: Jessica and Mark (Part II)

Part I of Jessica & Mark's wedding was posted **here** make sure you click on the link to check out the getting ready, fabulous first look and family wedding pictures in Christopher Columbus Park and Boston Public Gardens.

I also got the sweetest email from Jessica saying "Leah, we were so excited to see the pictures - they are amazing! Who is that couple? I think the library shot is my favorite too. I don't know though, the silhouettes in front of the State Room window were just so unique and beautiful...we had such a blast working with you!"

How perfectly lovely! Anyhoo, perhaps you'd like to meet the wedding party?

Love this one of Jessica and her bridesmaids in the Public Gardens (Do we need a permit to take wedding party pictures in the Boston Public Gardens? Yes! Click **here** if you need to apply) :

And one more with everyone:

Couples will often ask me "How much time do we need for pictures?" on the wedding day and I'll help them with their timeline but it's kind of like asking "How long is a piece of string?".

I *can* photograph the wedding party, families and couple in an hour if I *have* to but it means less pictures (plus it's harder to be creative when you have 20 minutes to shoot 15 group combinations - you're mostly trying to make sure you get at least one picture without blinking!) and usually the time for couples pictures gets cut short as it's time to sit down for dinner :(

The beauty of a first look is a relaxed schedule and so much more time together. I adore these wedding pictures we took in Boston Public Library, only possible because Jessica and Mark had made the decision to allow more time for pictures:

So after all of that fun, we stolled along Boylston St to Old South Church where the wedding ceremony would take place:

Jessica walked down the aisle to Mark on the arm of her father Dan:

Lots of smiles through the vows! The Gordon Chapel in Old South Church is dark. Like crazy dark. And no flash is allowed. For the photographer geeks out there I shot this image at ISO 10,000 which is insane yet possible with my amazing Nikon D3s. I'm a firm believer that it's not what equipment you have but what you do with it that matters but this is one of those times where top of the line professional camera equipment saved the day. There are cameras out there that only go to ISO 3200 or 6400 and it would have been tough/impossible to get some of the pictures. Old South Church, like a lot of other churches in Boston (Trinity and Church of the Covenant) also has some fairly restrictive rules for photography so I was literally not allowed to move once the ceremony started.

This is happy Mark kissing his new wife and meaning it :) Mark is big into PDAs.

Jessica seems pretty happy to have Mark as her husband too ;)

I believe history really was made that day:

Next up is the wedding reception pictures at the beautiful, the spectacular, the amazing Longwood Events Boston State Room. You don't want to miss it....here's a little peek at what's coming up:


  1. Oh wow what a lovely set of images, I simply adore the one of him spinning her!!!!! The PDA first kiss is also awesome! Great job :)

    Can't WAIT to see the next set after seeing the last image, wow!

  2. Stunning! Love the library pictures as well! But LOVE the last one of them with the Customs tower (Marriot hotel now) behind them! Did I mention these are stunning?! :)

  3. Leah: Fabulous composition & imaging. I believe you also had a fabulous subject in Mark & Jessica. Dan