Fairmont Copley Plaza Boston Wedding Pictures :: Eunis + Jeff (Part III)

I know what you're thinking....

You're thinking "Pshwah. How can today's pictures top the fabulous Korean Paebaek Wedding Ceremony from yesterday?" Oh ye of little faith! Coming up for you RIGHT NOW is Eunis & Jeff's beautiful wedding reception pictures at Fairmont Copley Plaza Boston. My official review of the Fairmont Copley as a wedding venue? Ummm, maybe 12 out of 10. Perfect location, beautiful ballrooms, exquisite lighting (for lovely pictures), fabulous team, delicious food. What's not to like?

But the proof is in the pudding...or the candy bar...or in the pictures. So here they are:

Some wedding details:

Eunis & Jeff had a beautiful tree print for guests to sign their names on the little leaves. Very cute:

The falling flowers on the cake mimicked the design of Eunis's dress (at least that's my interpretation ;) I can also personally attest to the fabulous scent of the petals filling the centerpiece vases:

The newlyweds were announced:

And it was straight into a fabulous choreographed dance routine with the wedding party - hilarious! And actually very impressive with regard to synchronization and timing!

Eunis & Jeff then took to the floor for their first dance as husband and wife. I can't tell you how much I love the last picture on the bottom right. It's like a little "Yay! We did it!" twirl from Eunis:

Here are Jeff & Eunis during the emotional and funny toasts (and blessings):

Parent dances. Jeff danced with his Mom, Charlotte:

Then Eunis threw her bouquet which landed initially with a flower girl (don't worry - there was a do-over):

Eunis then danced with her father Dr Choi:

If you saw Eunis & Jeff's engagement pictures you would know they met at dental school (so they're now dentists - that's usually how it works) I loved that they had a candy bar with lots of advice like "Make sure you brush your teeth thoroughly this evening!"

Not related to the candy bar but I really like these pictures of Eunis with her Mom. I can't wait to see my Mom in 37 days when we head back to the UK for Christmas :)

Proof of the dental school meeting. Lots of dentists. With a banner :) And some rogue mustaches:

Regular blog readers will know I love to sneak my couples outside for 10 minutes of night time pictures and Eunis & Jeff were more than happy to walk out into the balmy evening (75 degrees in October?!?!?):

The dancefloor was truly open and rocking. Dear Wedding Guests who "borrow" my photobooth props. I know who you are. Eunis & Jeff know where you live. It's all good :) Leah xxx

Oh Eunis & Jeff! What to say. I'm SO selfishly happy that you didn't get married in Mexico. And that thanks to Danielle you sent me that initial email. I LOVED photographing your wedding. So much fun, happiness, emotion, awesomeness!!! Your wedding album is going to be ridiculous. Leah :)

Regular readers will know that I rarely give a shout out to videographers. Oh I'm such a meanie :) After almost 5 years of photographing weddings there have been only 2 videographers that I can happily recommend knowing that they won't get in the way of ALL of the pictures/set up giant light rigs and kill any atmosphere/poke giant light sticks in the faces of dancing guests etc. Up until now it's been only Justin and Meg who I've enjoyed working with and who make beautiful films so I'm happy to add a third option to my select list. Tom & Melissa of Long Haul Films were a gift to Eunis & Jeff from the bridesmaids (hello awesome bridesmaids!) and I feel like their film really complements the still pictures. You can watch it here:

Jeff & Eunis Preview | Long Haul Films from The Long Haul Project on Vimeo.
One last picture (possibly my favorite - although you haven't seen the photobooth pictures yet....)


  1. Leah, this is seriously my favorite wedding that you've shot of late. Awesome job!

  2. Why thank you Shang :) It was one of my favorites too! Hope to see you soon! Leah

  3. What a beautiful and happy wedding, loved the video too and I can't wait (and Dad, Ian and Nan)to see my wonderful daughter in 30 days time - Love you, Mumxxxxxxxx