Seaport Hotel and Wintergarden Wedding :: Boston, MA :: Wendy + Jane (Part I)

I had great plans to be blogging every day this week...I've got tons of good stuff lined up...but who am I kidding?

I'm currently in Las Vegas at WPPI (one of the biggest photography conventions in the world) and my week has been a blur of
- attending educational events (um hum, honestly :)
- looking at amazing new albums and other products in the tradeshow. I'm a big fan of nighttime portraits and for years have been using a somewhat interesting set up of gun lights so I was very excited to get my hands on/pre-purchase the new Icelight which will hopefully be arriving at my house in April...
- catching up with wedding photographer friends (my photography bff Kate and I got a two bedroom suite in the MGM Signature and it's working out fabulously :)
- making new wedding photographer friends
- eating too much (seriously, so many amazing restaurants in Las Vegas)
- drinking just a little (it only seems appropriate to wander the bright lights with a glass of champagne in hand)
- going to great/weird parties sponsored by various photography companies (Fujifilm hosted a bizarre event last night where the guys manning the bar were dressed in bath robes - suffice to say we left fairly promptly)
- checking out the amazing stores on the Strip (did you know there isn't a jcrew in any of the malls? very sad day for me when I found that out, I made up with some Tory Burch instead...)

You'll notice that email/blogging etc don't feature heavily on my above list :) but I'll be home on Thursday and normal service will resume!

Nnyhoo...enough about me...Jane and Wendy have been married for 18 days already!!!! 18 days! Where has the time gone? And although they've seen a few teeny tiny teasers on my facebook page, they've been so patient! (what do you mean? you didn't know I have a facebook page? you haven't liked it yet? you're missing out!!! Head over there now and hit LIKE and you'll get to see even more lovely pictures! Maybe I just uploaded one of my favorite pictures of Jane and Wendy just moments after their first look...better go check it out...)

February 4th was a beautiful blue-sky crisp winter day and Jane & Wendy were getting ready with their families and wedding party in a beautiful suite at the Seaport Hotel in Boston. First up a few details (and a shout out to Gracie Lou Events who were running the show seamlessly that day!):

Jane's shoes were custom dyed by Shoes To Dye For in Natick, MA and I hear only good things! This little blue guy was attached to Jane's bouquet, he's a little knitted Nac Mac Feegle:

I loved all of the wedding stationery:

Oh I'm such a tease, a little sneak peak at Jane's dress:

I won't get into details but Jane's Mom had been very sick in the run up to the wedding. This is Jane was holding her hand while hair and make up was happening:

I've said it before and I'll say it again. Having professional hair and make up on your wedding day is one of the most important investments you can make. Not only will you look amazing, you'll feel amazing! And when the hair and make up dream team is Lena of Hair that Moves and Joanne of Joya Beauty I am SO happy because they're beyond professional, super lovely and kind and - this is HUGE - they are ALWAYS on time taking away the stress that so often happens when hair and make up run late...
Jane looks luminous here:

Wendy got into her beautiful suit, hung out with her brother, last check in the mirror before heading down to the bar with her family for a relaxing bloody mary :)

I'm a big fan of parent first-looks, it's awesome to see the reactions when they see their children about to go get married. Adore these pictures of Jane's Mom:

And then it was time for Wendy and Jane's (chilly) first look. I know they say a picture says a thousand words and I think these actually do. What they don't tell you is just how fantastic Jane and Wendy are. I felt truly lucky to be able to photograph their day and to get to know them both during the whole wedding planning process:

How happy is Wendy? This is my favorite pictures today :)

And Jane may be wiping away a little tear but I feel fairly confident that it was a happy tear...

A quiet little moment:

Amazing wedding party PLUS willingness to freeze for their friends PLUS fedoras EQUALS:

The indoor winter wedding ceremony was only the second time I've shed a little tear in 5 years of photographing weddings), here's the Wintergarden reception pictures. Say hello in the comments if you're feeling chatty :) and I might do a bonus post with photobooth pictures....


  1. Photobooth pictures!! Any pictures! I'm dying to see how it all came out!


  2. Oh Leah, these are so beautiful!!! I never have the right words to express the emotions that your photos conjure. You are a true magician with a camera! Wendy and I can't wait to see the rest!

    FYI, the invitations and other paper goods were all designed by an Etsy seller, Rachel from "Hereby Skye" - ... She was AMAZING to work and going with a custom, printable design was a very budget-friendly choice! :)

  3. Leah thank you for sharing the day and evening with all of us. It was one of the best weddings I've ever been to and your photographs have captured some of the moments we all missed. They are beautiful !

  4. Yes please to bonus photobooth post!

  5. Love Love Love! The pic of Wendy looking at Jane is priceless. Not only one of the best weddings ever, best wedding pics ever, too. Leah, can you travel back in time and take pics of our wedding five years ago? please?

  6. LOVE!! the emotion I felt looking at these two for their first look pics was so heartwarming. Congrats to them & to you for capturing such love!