Wintergarden Seaport Boston Wedding Photographer :: Wendy + Jane (Part II)

Good evening :) I don't usually post on weekends but to heck with it - here's Jane & Wendy's wedding ceremony (to be followed by the craziest photobooth pictures and wedding reception). If you missed the getting ready and first look you can find everything **here**.

Paul has been traveling so I've had majority control of the remote control, a rare occurrence in the Haydock household enabling me to watch all kind of terrible romantic comedies/reality shows etc so I'm feeling way more emotional than normal =) which combined with this ceremony might just send me off the deep end!

So we're at the Wintergarden which is part of Seaport East right on the Boston Waterfront. It's probably the best indoor venue for a winter wedding in Boston - the huge windows make you feel like you're outside and there's lots of greenery to make it feel almost springlike even in the winter. This was actually the second wedding I've had the pleasure of photographing at this venue, click here for more Wintergarden Boston Winter Wedding Pictures.

Wendy walked down the aisle on the arm of her mother:

Jane arrived arm in arm with her mother who had recently been sick, everyone in the room was so incredibly happy for Jane that her mom could be there:

I think there are a LOT of good reasons to do a first look, but I know that sometimes couples wonder if it takes away from the emotion as you walk down the aisle. I feel pretty strongly that the emotion during the ceremony comes from the commitment you're making to one another in front of friends and family (vs. your wedding clothes!) as evidenced by Wendy seeing Jane again:

Jane's eyes were literally sparkling...

Jane and Wendy wrote letters to one another and locked them away in this box along with some wine to be opened on their fifth anniversary:

Yay! First kiss as a married couple!

Happy much?

And that's it for tonight! Next up will be the photobooth and then the most AMAZING wedding reception (kudos to Gracie Lou Events and Orchids n' Blooms for transforming this ceremony space in less than an hour!). Have a lovely weekend!


  1. oh thank you! these are so gorgeous and really capture the love, joy, excitement of that afternoon.

  2. Beautiful photos from a beautiful day!

  3. Yaaaaaayyy!!! Thank you, Leah!!! I love every single one of these and admit that I am totally crying all over again! :)