Engagement Pictures at Boston Public Library :: Jessica + Scott (Part II)

You may have noticed I've been posting a lot of "engagement pictures part II" recently. If a couple book me 12-18 months out and choose a collection with a full engagement session then I'm always happy to do a mini session for their save the date/newspaper announcement and then do a full session closer to the wedding.

And/or there are also the engagement shoots that get completely rained out ;) which is kind of what happened with Jessica and Scott **here** when they got soaking wet in the rain in Newburyport. So a few weeks ago we met up for part II and we got lucky with the most beautiful weather. It was one of those perfect balmy nights in Boston, not too hot, not too humid, not too windy. Good things come to those who wait :)

In other news does anyone see the irony in the fact that I gave myself a vacation week this week (my parents AND my in-laws are visiting) and I've blogged every day...? Next week will be just as crazy with weddings and engagement pictures galore!

Back to Jessica & Scott, we started off in the public gardens:

I had Jessica and Scott tell me the story of how they met. There was much laughter about how Jessica had offered Scott a slice of pizza on her way home from a big night out. Scott said that of course he'd noticed Jessica and how they'd exchanged phone numbers...

Even cuter was the email Jessica sent me a few days later, I'm sure she won't mind me quoting part of it here because it's beyond adorable:
I feel as though I did not paint an accurate picture of when I first saw Scott. This is tough for me because I'm not a big romantic, I just knew that we belonged together. It's hard to explain. I've certainly never had a feeling like that before and I know that I never will again. I just thought I had to give you a little more than "I shoved pizza in his face and we fell in love" because that's certainly not how it happened for me." 

I was green with envy over Jess's blue wedge shoes. Adore!

As you can tell by the picture above it was starting to get fairly dark in Boston but we had deliberately timed our shoot for nighttime pictures. Jessica emailed me to say she had a killer dress that she's been dying to wear and would it be OK to bring it to their shoot? My response? Heck yeah! I even roped in a photographer friend (thanks Peter!) to come and hold my lights in front of the Boston Public Library (which is where Jessica and Scott will be married in September...!)

More shoe envy on my behalf:

When Jessica told me about her black gown I was all "Ooooh, I'm thinking maybe you're kind of running in front of the library or is that weird?" and Jessica and Scott were totally cool with my crazy plans: That's it for today. Off to spend some quality time with the rents/out-laws :) Hope you all have a fabulous weekend planned! Shout out to Stacey of Flair Bridesmaids who will be getting married this weekend! Hoorah!

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