Engagement Pictures :: Boston Public Gardens :: Elizabeth + AJ

Once upon a time Elizabeth went for a job interview. AJ was working in the very same office and he couldn't help but notice her. He says he remembers asking "Who's the blonde?!?" Elizabeth didn't remember AJ but when you're interviewing you're not really scoping out the office for cute guys ;)

Elizabeth got the job and as often happens at a new place of work she ate her lunch alone at her desk for the first few weeks. One day AJ asked her if she'd like to join him and a bunch of other people for lunch. Lunch led to friendship and friendship led to dating....

I pootled around the Boston public gardens with Elizabeth and AJ to take their engagement pictures, the light was dreamy:

So let's talk about the proposal because AJ had a plaaaaaaan (that sounds better in my head, all sort of dramatic). AJ told Elizabeth he'd made dinner reservations and they'd stay in Boston afterwards. When they opened the door to their room (AJ had snuck in earlier) there were candles and roses. AJ got down on one knee and asked Elizabeth to be his wife. Elizabeth said yes and immediately started calling friends and family to tell them the good news but no one was home. Booooo :(

AJ reminded Elizabeth that they had to get going as they had dinner plans. Elizabeth was bursting to share the news of their engagement and what do you know? When they arrived at the restaurant she found that AJ had invited their families to join them. I caught this image of Elizabeth as AJ was telling the story about the proposal and it's one of my favorites:

And that's it for today :) Oh well, maybe just one more. We had beautiful weather after days of rain but I saw a little rain puddle on the ground. This picture is entitled "Elizabeth + AJ in a Puddle"

How excited are you to see Elizabeth + AJ get married? Well, you'll have to wait until February 2013 when they'll hold their wedding at the fabulous Boston Harbor Hotel and I'll be there as their wedding photographer. Hoorah!


  1. I LOVE these pictures!! What a beautiful couple. I couldn't be happier for you both, or any more excited to welcome AJ to our family!!! Love you guys both so much:) xoxo, Audrey

  2. You guyssssss... too cute.

    Cousins Ryan & Courtney