Harvard Club Boston Wedding Pictures :: Gordon Chapel, Old South Church :: Jessica + Jeremiah (Part II)

I left you hanging out at the Public Gardnes but I'm back! If you missed the getting ready and first look at the Harvard Club you can catch up **here**. We're now at the Gordon Chapel of Old South Church which is such a beautiful chapel to get married in.

Little disclaimer: This was the third wedding I've photographed at the Gordon Chapel and the photography restrictions are fairly specific. Usually no movement is allowed (i.e. I can't get get images of the bride walking up the aisle and then move to the side for vows). No flash is allowed (which is OK as my camera essentially shoots in the dark) and other such rules. However...Jeremiah's father was conducting the marriage ceremony! And he gave me full reign over the chapel. Of course I was still as unobtrusive as I could be with as little movement as possible :) but I think it's important for couples to ask about photography restrictions and to understand the limitations imposed/effect on the final photographs.

And on with the pictures. My fab second shooter Jen from Aphrodite Photography was carefully hidden behind a column and got this image of Jeremiah waiting for Jessica.

Jessica's father walked her into the chapel:

Love Jeremiah's expression. The parents swapped sides so they can see the expression of their children about to be married, so that's Jessica's mom you see beaming:

Jessica was glowing as she came down the aisle. No LCD/camera phone/videos were glowing due to the very smart decision to have an "unplugged" wedding ceremony ;) This makes such a HUGE difference to the feel of the ceremony that I think I'll do a whole separate blog about this next week (yay? nay? interested?)

This was the first time I've seen "ring warming" as part of the ceremony. Such a thoughtful idea. The wedding rings were tied onto a ribbon and passed around all of the friends and family present. They were asked to hold the rings in their hands and to say a prayer or a blessing for the couple:

Jeremiah's father Rev. Scott Keehn conducted the very personal marriage ceremony. He then had the pleasure of pronoucing the couple husband and wife:

I love it when couples take their time to walk down the aisle and really soak it all in. It was made even more awesome by the fact that all of the guests were smiling and looking at the newlyweds vs. looking at the back of their cameras ;)

After a brief receiving line (a good rule of thumb is to allow 20 seconds per guest i.e. ~ 30 minutes/100 guests) Jessica and Jeremiah came out into the sunshine with bubbles! This is one of my favorite pictures of the whole day:

There was a leisurely stroll down Commonwealth Ave to the Harvard Club as we turned the corner to get to Comm Ave I couldn't help but take this one ;)

Ummm, happy much?

Completely random yet awesome moment. The Red Sox were playing and the streets were filled with fans on the way to Fenway Park. A bunch of fans decided to make an impromptu arch for Jessica and Jeremiah:

And that's it for part II. Part III will be the wedding reception at the historic Harvard Club of Boston. I'm off to shoot an engagement shoot - finally the rain has stayed away - I hope you have a fun-filled afternoon too!

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