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I'm occasionally asked is "What happens if you get sick and can't make it to our wedding? Do you have a back-up photographer?" and it's a very good question. I do not have a dedicated back-up photographer sitting by the telephone each weekend in case something happens to me.

That poor person would have been doing nothing and patiently waiting for a call for over 5 years now ;)

What I do have is a TON of awesome photographer friends and I'm also an active member of all sorts of photography networking groups. If I needed urgent help I feel comfortable that my couples wouldn't be left alone on their wedding day. Just a couple of weeks ago a great photography colleague found herself in this very situation when she was rushed into hospital. She posted on a local forum at 5:19pm on a Wednesday (the wedding was just 2 days later) and 7 minutes later she had it all covered. I convinced my photography BFF Kate that we should shoot it together and we had a very pleasant sunny afternoon in Boston with a most lovely couple.

This was my first experience as a Boston Elopement Wedding Photographer (although you can click **here** for a Maine elopement wedding).

Sonja and Jonathan were super chill about the last minute change in photography plans and couldn't have been happier to be getting married. They're both musicians and 4 of their 5 parents are actually pastors so they didn't want to do the big wedding thing.

The brief yet super sweet ceremony was perfectly conducted by Maureen Feeney. As she explained the process and what would happen Sonja and Jonathan held hands under her desk:

Sonja and Jonathan wrote their own vows:

After the ceremony we pootled around Boston. It was recently brought to my attention by a regular blog reader that they didn't really understand the word pootle which I use fairly regularly. Click **here** for a description, to me, it means taking a leisurely stroll to find some beautiful light, nice surroundings and then taking pictures.

This was the part of the day where the angels came down from heaven and shone their happiness for Sonja and Jonathan. A good example of why it's always fabulous if you schedule time for couples pictures in the hour or so before sunset. Repeat after me - 12 noon is not a good time for pictures.

Sonja and Jonathan - great alone:

But better together:

I'd love to tell you what's happening here but I'm not 100% sure. Maybe Sonja and Jonathan were previously on Dancing with the Stars?

And with that our work as stand-in wedding photographers was complete. Sonja and Jonathan headed out for cocktails and dinner at Top of the Hub. Kate and I went for a well-deserved glass of wine on Newbury Street. Much fun.

Thank you to Sonja and Jonathan for being so incredibly easy to photograph and for trusting two complete photographer strangers to cover your wedding! I hope you like your pictures!

If you're thinking of getting married in Boston City Hall and you'd like your own wedding pictures then you should totally get in touch with me! I'm so into elopements now :)
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  1. Leah! You made my day with these beautiful pictures. Thank you so very much for capturing our day so beautifully and for making it EVEN EASIER! :-) You got a gift, woman!