Church of the Covenant Wedding Pictures :: Boston Public Garden :: Lauren + James (Part II)

This post is all about James and Lauren's wedding ceremony at Church of the Covenant on Newbury St in Boston, MA followed by lots of wedding pictures in the Public Gardens of Boston. If you missed the getting ready pictures at the Taj Boston hotel you can click **here** and if you haven't hit LIKE on my photography facebook page you're missing out as I've been posting bonus pictures there.

We're at Church of the Covenant on Newbury Street, built in 1865 it's one of the most beautiful churches in Boston complete with original Tiffany windows. One other photography note, it's fairly dark and no flash is allowed so it's one of those times I am supremely glad of the equipment I have (for those interested in the technicalities most of these images were shot at ISO 6400-10000). I've photographed at Church of the Covenant before and was delighted to see Rev. Enid Watson again. Rev. Watson kindly allowed my second photographer to crouch in the pulpit for a great alternate angle of the ceremony. I had the fab Jennifer of Aphrodite Photography with me for the day and the picture of James dad is hers. I'll let the pictures tell you the story now:

One of the things that makes me sad is when I'm photographing a ceremony in a beautiful church and the videographer plonks a giant tripod in the center of the aisle and blocks all of my wide shots. Not at this wedding though! That's because the wedding film was being produced by my fav Wedding Film Team - Tom and Melissa of Long Haul Films. I've said it before but Long Haul really "get it" when it comes to weddings. They're unobtrusive and their films are just magical. I defy you not to cry when watching their trailers.

I also had Audrey along with me for the day and she caught this moment from the balcony:

Yay! Married! Time for some family pictures on Comm Ave. James is an only child and Lauren has three sisters and one brother hence the difference in family pictures!

Another HUGE advantage to having your wedding at Taj Boston is the proximity to the Boston Public Gardens which are just perfect for wedding pictures, the walk took us approximately 3 minutes with lots of car horn honking when they saw the newlyweds:
As I photographed Lauren and James on the bridge in the Public Gardens at least 3 different people asked me, "Is that a real wedding?" At first I was confused thinking "Who had a fake wedding?!?!" and then I realized they thought it was some kind of magazine shoot :)

And with that I'm off to work on part III for the most amazing wedding reception pictures at the Taj Boston Hotel featuring a feathered mascot amongst other delights!

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