Taj Boston Wedding Pictures :: Lauren + James (Part I)

This was my second time this year as a wedding photographer at the Taj Hotel in Boston and I would happily shoot there every weekend if I could! The Taj is one of Boston's very best wedding venues in my opinion - perfect location, beautiful ballroom, awesome team (shout out to Monique who was fabulous to work with).

Do you remember Lauren and James? They met at Bentley University and I took their engagement pictures there last year, click **here** for a refresher.  Well time flew by, suddenly it was June and their wedding day! Obviously every couple is excited for their wedding day but I think Lauren and James were extra excited. Lauren would end every email with little comments about how thrilled she was to be getting married to James and even their pre-wedding homework document was filled with little notes about how excited they both were.

It truly was one of the most elegant weddings I've ever photographed, there was so much thought and care put into the day. Most of all Lauren and James were an absolute delight to work with and of course to photograph. Speaking of photographs I'm sure you'd like to see some...

I could have done a whole blog post just on the wedding stationary. In fact, maybe I will (FYI Zenadia Designs in California designed the invitations). Lauren and James got engaged in France and so there were lots of little nods to that including the French lace on the wedding invitations:     

James has no excuse for ever forgetting an anniversary:

Hello Jimmy Choos (just a little gift from James for Lauren along with a framed piece of sheet music from their first dance. I need more gifts like this in my life, if only Paul read my blog...)

One of the best things about getting married at the Taj is the beautiful Newbury Suite for hair and make up. It's spacious with lots of windows which is awesome. Bride Make up Taj Boston Wedding

An emotional day for the mothers of the Lauren and James: 

So you probably come to the blog to look at pretty pictures but what I am about to tell you will change your life, wow your friends and should be obligatory for every bridesmaid and groomsman to know. I'll frequently arrive at a hotel for getting ready pictures and there's no music station and someone's trying to play music from their phone but there's no speakers....

No longer will wedding parties be forced to try to hear the music. All you need is an empty glass. Drop the iphone in and INSTANT AMPLIFICATION. Go try it now if you don't believe me. Start the music playing and then pop the phone inside the glass. Genius. Thank you to bridesmaid Erin for this invaluable lesson :) 

Over with the guys there was much bow tying and re--tying. Luckily James had been reviewing videos on you tube and practicing

As hair and make up continued....

...James and his groomsmen stopped at The Bar in the lobby of the Taj Hotel for a pre-wedding beverage. This looks like the set of a Hollywood movie if you ask me ;) 

Make up was complete and Lauren had a last look in the mirror. Rachael Berkowitz did the most perfect make up ever! I promise you I haven't used any retouching on this image.

Incidentally one of Lauren's friends commented on a sneak peek on my facebook page about how Lauren is the most beautiful person both inside and out, I couldn't agree more and Boston Common magazine does too! 

Excited for the Vera Wang wedding dress!

Lauren's sister and maid of honor Marissa helped her get dressed and Rachael pinned on the veil:

The guys finished up their Scotch and headed to church:

The Jimmy Choos were slipped on...

..ready for a half-a-block walk to Church of the Covenant on Newbury St:

And with that I'm going to bid you au revoir until tomorrow. Make sure to check in tomorrow afternoon to see the wedding ceremony, pictures galore in the public gardens (I was asked a number of times - Is this a real wedding? I think people thought we were doing a magazine shoot!) and then the wedding reception will follow on Wednesday :)


  1. WOW! What an amazingly gorgeous bride! She is absolutely stunning... and that DRESS!!!!

  2. The only 2 things I can think of to say is Lauren is stunning and perfection. Mary your girls are all beautiful and of course Ian is so handsome. And Leah you are a great photographer.....I didn't go to the wedding so I am looking forward to seeing the rest of the pictures.

  3. Leah, Beautiful job! One of the most gorgeous brides I have ever seen. Her smile is radiant.