Danversport Yacht Club Wedding Photographer :: Stefanie + Jason (Part I)

I had the cutest email recently from one of my brides saying "Hey! It looks like you're taking a few weeks off over the summer! How lovely!" based on my somewhat sporadic blogging :) Bwah ha ha.

Nope - just more shooting/editing/album designing and less blogging! But as you know I blog every single wedding and engagement I photograph so eventually they all make it here.

Stefanie and Jason have been patiently waiting weeks and weeks to see their fabulous wedding at Danversport Yacht Club in Danvers, MA. So without further ado...

All of the getting ready preparations happened at home. The guys were in "Man Town" in the basement and the girls took over the rest of the house:

Stefanie is an interior designer and I was spoiled for choice with beautiful places in which to photograph the wedding details. I settled on the the beautifully decorated dining room

True story: Jason and Stefanie built their home together and a few years ago Stefanie had to decide between an engagement ring or a dream staircase. These pictures don't do the staircase justice (I was focusing on the dress!) but it runs from one side of the house to the other like a balcony and then sweeps downstairs. Stefanie went for the staircase but the engagement ring wasn't far behind!

When Stefanie told me her sister Toni would be doing the make up for all the girls I will admit I was a little skeptical. I've photographed a number of weddings where a friend or sister attempts to do make up for multiple people and it can be stressful, things run late, the make up starts to slip/flake through the day. I even asked Stefanie if she wanted me to reach out to a number of professional make up artists to see if anyone was still free. I am happy to publicly apologize. Toni - I am sorry for ever doubting you!  Toni had not only brought along the contents of a Mac store, she was super calm and talented :) and everyone looked fab!

Stefanie and Jason chose to do a first look on the staircase, happy bride and groom! Happy sneaky audience of bridesmaids!

With that we headed out to the Danversport Yacht Club for some formal pictures before the ceremony so Stefanie & Jason could fully enjoy cocktail hour:

It was a beautifully sunny day for Stefanie and Jason to get married overlooking the ocean: Yay Stefanie & Jason are married! Check back next time for their wedding reception with the most hilarious toasts, a conga line and much fun!

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  1. LOVE!!!! Beautoful pictures as always Leah. CONGRATS STEF AND JASON!