Popponesset Inn Wedding Photographer :: Mallory + Matt (Part II)

So there are lots of different "theories" out there about blogging wedding pictures. Some say you should pick 5 killer images of each wedding, others say you should just show the images that interest you personally. I like to use my blog to make you feel like you were actually at the wedding with all sorts of pictures - but if you ever feel like I'm posting too many pictures then just say so....because if ever there was a blog post with too many pictures it might be this one...

Maybe go get a frosty beverage while you leave it to load for a minute or two...

 Yes folks, it's part II of the epicness that was Mallory & Matt's wedding at the Popponesset Inn on Cape Cod, MA. If you missed part I you can click **here**

This was the first wedding I'd photographed at the Popponesset Inn, I actually really like photographing in new venues and the Popponesset is BEAUTIFUL. Fabulous wedding team too!

All of the details that made up Mallory and Matt's wedding were just to-die-for. They were so thoughtful and personal to the couple and many of them were lovingly hand crafted by Mallory and Matt! I knew I'd be photographing family and wedding party pictures for the majority of cocktail hour so I left the fabulous Lindsay of Lindsay Flanagan Photography a VERY long list of details. I needn't have worried, Lindsay photographed EVERYTHING beautifully - I'm especially loving the forks in the sand :) Thank you Lindsay!!!

Silver sailboat escort card holders on a framed map of Cape Cod:

Loved the nautical knots on the table:

Yes, Mallory and Matt hand crafted 750 of these Canadian and US flag drink straws causing Matt's fingers to start bleeding...

Engraved toasting glasses from Nonni and Papa:

While Lindsay was photographing all of these drool-worthy details I was down at the ocean for family and wedding party pictures. Here's how my conversation with Mallory went down prior to the wedding:
Mallory: I think we want to do pictures on the beach
Leah: Well, I don't really recommend it as there's likely to be a ton of people, it'll be really hot, people might be squinting in the sun...
Mallory: But I think it would be great with the ocean in the background
Leah: If it's a windy day, everyone's hair will be flying all over the place. I'm sure we could find a beautiful sheltered spot near the inn, the beach isn't really the best place for pictures...
Mallory: If anyone can do it, you can...please....
At this point I agreed that we would look on the day and Mallory agreed to do pictures elsewhere if it was crazy windy. I'm putting this in here because if you're getting married near the ocean next year I want you to know the truth! The beach is awesome for couples pictures or for family pictures ONLY if it's late in the day/not 110 degrees/not windy!

New Seabury is the most beautiful little community, we pootled around with the wedding party stopping by the Raw Bar which is a favorite place of Mallory & Matt:

Cocktail hour was ending but there's always time for grandparent pictures:

Most. Hilarious. Entrances. Ever.
Best Man Harrison seemed to stagger down the stairs clutching at his chest and for a moment everyone looked concerned. As he slumped on the floor, Maid of Honor and Mallory's sister Johnna pulled off his shoes and "shocked" him back to life. This is one of my assistant, Audrey's pictures, I love the anticipation:

Time for the newlyweds to dance:

I'm lucky that most of my couples have really welcoming and friendly families but there was something extra special about Matt & Mallory's parents and sisters. Like when I arrived Jack was all "Can I make you a sandwich?" - how nice is that? It was a pleasure to see how close everyone was and how incredibly happy they were for Matt and Mallory. Here's Matt's Mom Janet getting a little overcome during the first dance:

Happy and funny and emotional toasts and blessings:

Whilst everyone settled in for dinner I snuck back down to the beach for a few minutes of pictures with Mallory and Matt:  

We timed it just right for sunset:

Time for the most excited cake cutting ever:

Parent dances. Mallory danced with her father Jack. Matt danced with his Mom Janet who may have gotten a little emotional again :)

Surprise!!! Mallory's sister Johnna and her cousins sang the most beautiful arrangement of Songbird to the couple.

Surprise again!!! A real live flash mob. This was amazing. I have a ton of questions - like who organized this? How did you all learn the moves? What was the signal to start? Please post in the comments if you masterminded this whole fabulous surprise! My favorite part was when everyone handed over a little US flag to Mallory or a little Canadian flag to Matt. Love!!!

And with that all of the formalities were over for the night and it was time to DANCE. Boston Common Band totally rocked it with fabulous live music mixed with DJ'ing. So good!   

Is Matt like the coolest dude ever in this picture?

Yup - we snuck back to the beach for 2 minutes of night time pictures: Argh - where to start? Mallory & Matt - thank you, thank you, thank you. I have enjoyed every second of working with you both and getting to know you. I can't think of a couple better matched and I wish you the most fabulous life together - you'd better keep in touch :)

Vendor List:
Wedding Venue: Popponesset Inn, New Seabury, MA
Cape Cod Wedding Ceremony Venue: St Elizabeth Seton
Photography: Leah Haydock
Video: DMO Films (I really enjoyed working with this husband and wife team, alas they're based in CT so probably won't happen again)
Wedding Dress: Monique L'huillier from L'Elite Bridal, Boston, MA
Bridesmaid Dresses: Flair Bridesmaid Boutique (Mallory comments that she loves the Flair girls - they're my favorite too!)
Groom & Groomsmen: Suits from Joseph A. Banks. Ties from Vineyard Vines
Wedding Rings: Dan Bouvier of Bouvier Jewelers, Boston, MA (Mallory & Matt loved working with Dan)
Band: Boston Common Band (crazy insane and awesome in my opinion!)
Tent lighting: Boston Uplights (love love love Paul and his talented team. No tent should be without lighting in my opinion!!!)
Favors and straws: Homemade by Mallory and Matt
Wedding Stationery: Christine Meahan  (Mallory also raved about Christine!)
Flowers: All about Flowers for Weddings  (super pretty!)
Day of coordination: Cape Cod Celebrations
Hair and Make Up: I seem to be missing this info but will get it from Mallory and update asap!

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  1. Great post! Never too many photos! I really enjoyed all of the reception photos! Looks like a fun wedding!