Portsmouth NH Engagement Pictures :: Heather + Justin

Remember Heather & Justin? I photographed them back in February when it was frrrrrrrrrrrrreezing up in NH. You can see those pictures **here**

Well, a few weeks ago it was time for part II of their engagement session and they picked Portsmouth, NH as their location.

We totally lucked out on the weather, in fact we started the session with a frosty beverage overlooking the ocean. I have a strict "no drinking" rule when I'm working at your wedding but I break the rules for a relaxed engagement shoot. Heather and Justin were super snuggly :)

It was Shark Week on TV so when I saw this wall it seemed rude not to:

Ladies - it's always a good idea to have a manicure before an engagement session - all the better to show off your ring!

Last time I shared how Heather and Justin met at school when Justin would "forget" to take notes and then borrow Heather's :) So how about a little proposal story?  Justin said that the ring was burning a hole in his pocket once it arrived so he arranged to surprise Heather at work. He said that he was fairly confident she'd say yes but when he dropped down on one knee to ask her it was the most exciting and nervous time ever!

Time for a quick wardrobe change. This was one of my favorite images:

We walked down to the harbor, the sun was fading fast so we got a little creative with the light. Look at   Heather and Justin rocking it :) 

Many of my couples friend me on facebook and I love getting a little insight into their lives before the wedding. My heart warms when I see the little messages Heather and Justin leave on each other's walls - all sorts of notes about missing each other when they're away, messages of support when one is having a rough day and general excitement about the wedding. These two are really made for each other :)

And with that, my work was done. I can't WAIT for Heather and Justin's New Years Eve wedding!!!

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  1. I love them! heather you look beautiful! goodluck heather and justin on wedding day :)