Our Lady, Star of the Sea Marblehead + Turner Hill Wedding Photographer :: Julie + Jonathan (Part Ia)

Earlier this week I promised Julie that her wedding to Jonathan was next up on the blog. Julie replied with this message:
"Jonathan being the prankster he is keeps fooling me saying the pics are on your blog. Coincidentally, the few times that he's done it I'm commuting home from work on the T and lose service or my phone dies... so I rush like a maniac running through dangerous intersections all while dodging oncoming traffic to get to a computer and see the pics! He's going to have to find a new prank to use on me since they'll be on this week!!"
So here's Part I of Julie & Jonathan's wedding pictures at Our Lady of the Sea, Marblehead, MA and Turner Hill....

...Julie and Jonathan got together over a shared love of great food and wine, you can see their engagement pictures in Boston's North End **here** and when I first met with them to discuss their wedding plans they explained their French/Parisian/Peacock vision.  I was hooked! I started the day at Julie's parent's home with some of the beautiful wedding stationery:

The lovely Brea was doing Julie's make up:

Julie is all kinds of awesome, not least in her attention to detail. I always suggest that my couples have any important details set aside for me to photograph without interrupting hair and make up. Julie not only had everything ready, she also set it up in a beautiful arrangement for me:

It's always a smart move to have a pair of flats so you can dance the night away:

Although when I spotted the peacock feather decoration on the front door I couldn't resist borrowing it for some ring shots:

I'm always excited to see wedding dresses and knowing that Julie's was a custom couture design I was even more excited, here's a little sneak peak of the design:

Here's a little glimpse:

Sometimes when the wedding dress goes on it all kind of becomes real. I LOVE Julie's "WOW!!! This is happening!!!" expression

The reaction of Julie's father Stephen seeing her as a bride for the first time. Ahhhh:

Regular blog readers will know I always have a soft spot for grandparents. Love Julie's Nana :)

Jonathan sent over a surprise gift of stunning earrings for Julie:

I had the most overqualified second shooter ever in Kate McElwee for this wedding. Kate and I are working on a number of joint projects...more to come on that soon...in the meantime, the images of the guys at church and Jonathan opening his gifts from Julie are all Kate's:

I got to a split in the blogging road here.  I had to choose to a) Take a Left and publish a mini blog post featuring the getting ready pictures tonight or b) Take a Right and wait until I had all of the ceremony pictures ready to go and post tomorrow.

I made an executive decision based on Julie's safety trying to read her smart phone in dangerous intersections and I'm publishing NOW. Ceremony and the most beautiful pictures of Julie & Jonathan, fabulous toasts and dancing all coming up next!!!!

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