Chatham Bars Inn Wedding Photographer :: Cape Cod, MA :: Meredith + Melanie (Part II)

A mini blog post today - I thought I'd share Meredith & Melanie's Cape Cod wedding on the beach at Chatham Bars Inn and save the gazillion pictures from their awesome wedding reception for the next post :)

If you missed yesterday's blog post with the getting ready pictures, first look and Ketubah signing then you can catch up **here**

It was a fairly chilly day so Meredith & Melanie thoughtfully provided shawls for their guests:

Liking this ocean reflection in the wine: Meredith & Melanie walked down the aisle together with time for a quick kiss before descending the stairs: Love this one and the reaction of the Moms:

The ceremony was filled with emotion - happy smiles and happy tears

Kisses all round including one for Tyler who wandered in and out of the ceremony :)

These images were immediately after the ceremony - I think it's fairly safe to say that Meredith & Melanie are pretty happy :)

Guests enjoyed champagne and cocktails at cocktail hour which is coming up next.....

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  1. These photographs are unbelievable. Outstanding job at capturing the emotions of the day. Can't wait to see the rest of the photographs!