Boston Harbor Hotel Wedding Photographer :: Elizabeth + AJ

In the run up to the blizzard of 2013 when everyone was worried about getting the bread and milk, I was avidly watching the news with only one thing in mind - making sure I'd be able to photograph Elizabeth & AJ's wedding at the Boston Harbor Hotel. On Thursday I decided I'd pack up, leave early on Friday morning and stay in Boston the night before. Hugest thanks must go to Cortney at the BHH for finding me a room at the wedding rate :) In fact, the whole staff of the Boston Harbor Hotel were amazing on this crazy weekend.

I checked in at 10am on Friday morning and when the travel ban was announced at 4pm I knew I'd made the right decision! Anyhoo - this blog post isn't about me and my travel plans, it's about the most AMAZING winter wedding - can you get more wintery than a wedding in a blizzard?

The roads were eerily quiet with only emergency vehicles allowed out:

Although I'm more than capable of photographing a wedding alone I usually have a second photographer with me - it's really great to get alternate angles at your ceremony - the original plans included another NH based photographer so when the travel ban was put in place I had to make alternate arrangements. We have a really great community of New England photographers and when I posted that I needed an experienced second photographer to help me in the blizzard I was lucky enough to have many great friends and colleagues vow to make it into the city. On the morning of the wedding I called my new second photographer - the talented Johnny Arguedas - who told me he had started digging out but his street hadn't been plowed. I put my thinking hat on and decided to call the non-emergency state police line, they were amazing once I explained the situation and said that they'd likely be able to pick Johnny up and bring him to the wedding if we needed them to - awesome! With this contingency plan in place I started photographing the details: 

The wedding was on 2/9 :)

Now you might imagine that Elizabeth and AJ would be freaking out - a blizzard! a travel ban! their rehearsal dinner location closed! guests phoning and texting to find out what was happening! Nah - they were totally chilled, it was the most amazing atmosphere the whole day - like a big adventure. Here they are opening their respective cards and gifts to one another:

AJ looking sharp in his tuxedo:

Back with the girls, the awesome Jennifer Tawa was working on Elizabeth's hair. One of the reasons it's so important to hire experienced and trusted vendors on your wedding day is that they will literally do whatever it takes to be there for you. Jennifer also left home on Friday morning to come stay at the hotel to ensure she'd be there.

Elizabeth & AJ's friends and family were doing every possible to make it to the wedding, when the church organist couldn't make it, Elizabeth's father's friend stepped in to play. Other guests were plotting to disguise themselves as Bill Belichick driving to the BHH for a press conference to get around the travel ban: Elizabeth's sister and maid of honor, Audrey helped her into her wedding dress and shoes: When the 3:30pm ceremony was pushed back to 6pm Elizabeth and AJ rolled with the punches and agreed that it made sense to do a first look and take pictures before the ceremony to take advantage of the daylight and to be ready to just relax and party afterwards! Love Elizabeth's excited expression and how tightly AJ hugged her: With a speedy change into some snow boots we decided to brave the outside:

Yes that is a literal mountain of snow in the background:

Elizabeth & AJ's families were also willing to get a little chilly:

Back in the warmth of the Boston Harbor Hotel it was time for pictures with the wedding party, one of the nice things about doing a first look is that you actually have more time together on your wedding day, which seemed to make the almost newlyweds very happy:

Elizabeth and her bridesmaids - the STUNNING bouquets were the work of Kerianne Steele and the team at Les Fleurs in Andover, MA. I can't recommend Les Fleurs enough - Kerianne made special arrangements with Cortney and the BHH team to bring all of the flowers and set up the centerpieces early with the incoming storm - another amazing professional!

Seriously Elizabeth? Could you look more beautiful?

Maid of honor and best man:

Super stylin' wedding party ;)

Man hugs for AJ: And that, ladies and gentlemen is all for today, next up is the wedding ceremony at Our Lady of Victories followed by the most amazing wedding reception. I'm headed back into Boston in the snow to photograph an event this evening - stay warm and cosy!

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