Boston Newborn Baby Photographer :: Introducing Mira

Once upon a time I took newborn pictures of baby Mira. Mira is now 6 years old.

Kidding. It hasn't been that long but I had two winter weddings I needed to blog first so Mira's Mommy & Daddy have been waiting patiently for these pictures.

I don't really do many baby or family sessions - weddings seem to take up all of my time. I make exceptions for my wedding couples as I love seeing their families expand and catching up with them after a couple of years. I actually know Emilie not as a previous bride but as a fellow wedding industry professional. We've had the pleasure of working together a number of times (like at Dani & Mark's TAJ BOSTON WEDDING))and when I found out about Mira's arrival it was perfectly timed with another shoot I had in Boston so we did a mini newborn session.

If you want to get your hands on one of the adorable headbands that Mira is modeling you won't find them on etsy; Emilie made them herself. Yup - she's that talented. Mira was adorable, sleeping peacefully through the session waking only once to give me a slightly suspicious look and then going back to sleep.

This was the moment that Mira opened her eyes to find a stranger wielding a large black camera in her face, she looked a little surprised and then went back to sleep:

Mira was exhausted with her first experience of modeling:

Congratulations Emilie & Lewis!

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