Boston Newborn Baby Photographer :: Meet Charlie

It seems like it was just yesterday that I photographed Katie & Dan's wedding at The Ridge Club on Cape Cod but it was actually waaaaay back in 2011. Time flies when you're having fun people.

Anyhoo, Katie & Dan just welcomed baby Charlie into the world, obviously I had to take some pictures of this adorable little man:

Katie was a very organized bride, always on time if not early and I think Charlie might take after her:

Teeny tiny baby feet:

Charlie was super chill while I was there, we think he was slightly mesmerised by the ca-chunk sound of my camera shutter. Or maybe he was just super cosy in his Daddy's arms:

They say happy parents = happy baby so Charlie should be a very happy baby as these two are still laughing together. It's just laughter over pee and poop now :)

I'd like to tell you I set this up and asked Katie to kiss Charlie just like this but I didn't:

Katie & Dan admitted they often just sit and look at Charlie in amazement:

I like this image a lot Congratulations Katie & Dan!!! I'm so happy to see your little family of two become three. Charlie is a lucky little boy to have you two as parents AND the extended Di Palma and Mooney families to love him!

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