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Oh, where to start with this one. I thoroughly enjoy working with all of the couples that I photograph and then there is Libby & Blake. I can't begin to describe how awesome these two are, how wonderful and welcoming their families are and how I'm actually a little sad that they're married as it means I don't get to see them anymore.

Although I was cheered up when I got this email from them the morning after the wedding:
Blake and I are hanging out in the suite just talking about how great last night was, and you were a big part of that!  We are so happy that we worked with you but more importantly that we can call you a friend! Thanks again...we are so incredibly happy! We love what you put up on Facebook...awesome!!!
Libby and Blake

But enough of my ramblings, let's get to the wedding pictures! The Colonnade Hotel in Boston is the perfect wedding venue. I would happily photograph weddings every single weekend at the Colonnade. Gabi, Chef Nick, Selena and the whole Colonnade team are just amazing - here's a little interview I did at the Colonnade a year ago:
Weddings at the Colonnade Hotel, Boston
I started my day in Libby's suite with some detail pictures:
Colonnade Hotel in Boston, MA
Once in a while a bride will tell me "my friend is going to do my make up!" and I might gently suggest this might not be the best idea. It's a lot of pressure for your friend, they might not be used to the stress of getting multiple people made up on time on a wedding day, they might not have access to the professional long lasting yet subtle make up that keeps you looking flawless for hours. However when your friend is the talented Courtney Marzilli of Bliss and Beauty then it's a fabulous decision. 

Elite Calligraphy did the programs and escort cards:

Audrey was shooting alongside me and hung out with Blake and the guys: 

I have no idea what's happening here but it looks like fun

As Libby's sisters Alli and Gretchen helped her into her dress, Libby's Mom Kari looked on proudly:

Libby's father Jack sees his daughter as a bride for the first time:

When cocktail hour is at Boston's only rooftop pool with the most delicious hors d'oeuvres and champagne it kind of sucks to miss it to line up in a row for formal pictures. So Libby and Blake wisely chose to do a first look and get all of the pictures done before the ceremony. Not only does this give you more time to actually enjoy your wedding and talk to friends and family but it's also really special to have a little alone time. Happy tears and a little lip quiver:

We then ducked out for a few pictures before coming back for some relaxed yet mantel-worthy family pictures:

We snuck in a few more pictures before hopping on the trolley to the Gordon Chapel of Old South Church:
Libby and Blake chose family members as their wedding party which I think it kind of awesome:
Libby and her Matron of Honor sister Gretchen and Maid of Honor sister Alli:
Blake and his Best Man brother Jeff and brother-in-law Tom:
The Gothic beauty of the Gordon Chapel of Old South Church is a perfect setting for a Boston wedding ceremony. I've photographed there a number of times and I'm always wowed by the stained glass and the lanterns. It's important to note that there are quite strict photography restrictions at the Chapel - if you get married here your photographer is basically allowed to photograph from the very back of the chapel only with minimal movement - no I can't break the rules! More Gordon Chapel wedding pictures here:
Gordon Chapel Wedding Pictures - Jessica & Mark
Gordon Chapel Wedding Photographer - Jessica & Jeremiah (note that Jeremiah's father married them so the photography restrictions were lifted ;)

Sometimes couples wonder if seeing each other before the ceremony will take away from the moment in church and I honestly believe it doesn't. The emotions you feel during your wedding ceremony happen because you're standing in front of your friends and family and committing yourselves to each other, not because it's the first time he sees you in a white dress! See below for Blake's huge smile and Libby's teary entrance:
The new Mr & Mrs Randolph. Not sure if they could look any happier!
Gordon Chapel wedding Boston
When the food is mind blowing - caprese salad shooter anyone? - and the Veuve Clicquot is flowing and the sun is there a better place to be than cocktail hour at the rooftop pool of the Colonnade Hotel overlooking Boston:
Boston rooftop pool at Colonnade Hotel
Cocktail hour at the Colonnade Hotel Boston
A little moment before heading into the wedding reception in the Huntington Ballroom:
The room looked beautiful with dramatic pinlights on the centerpieces by Tangerine Creations:
If you're a foodie and you're looking for a Boston wedding venue then you should totally check out the Colonnade. Chef Nick is beyond talented. Look at these adorable mini Le Creuset dishes:
Awesome toasts followed with this sweet moment:
Libby and Blake saved their first dance until after dinner and then went straight into parent dances, Blake tore up the floor with his Mom:
First dance at Colonnade Boston Wedding
It would be rude not to head back up to the roof at night to take advantage of the view:
Jeff of White Label DJs was SO good. Audrey looked at me at one point and said "Wow - he's like an actual DJ, mixing songs instead of just playing from a playlist!" Highly recommend!
Libby and Blake are definitely in contention for the "Couple that enjoyed their wedding immensely" award.
Take a closer look at the image on the bottom left. Yes that is a sugar packet and yes "Pour some sugar on me" was playing at the time :)
I hope Libby & Blake will forgive me for posting these but they're just too funny not to. I guess there was a Bachelorette party happening with a "Golden Girls" theme and the ladies wanted to pop in to congratulate a rather bemused Libby. I'm loving "Dorothy's" peach pantsuit:
The last song of the night was kind of unexpected and frankly awesome. If you're not familiar with "Castle" by Macklemore - check it out - just not at work or with kids around :) I've had it on repeat while editing Libby & Blake's wedding and it's hilarious:
And that's it for today! What are you up to this weekend? I'll be at the Colonnade photographing another wedding so I can't wait! Libby & Blake - thank you for being two of the best people I have had the pleasure of photographing! I hope this handful of favorites will cushion the blow of being back from your honeymoon! Wishing you a lifetime of love, laughter, health and happiness. And partying in your castle :)

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