Photo Booth at Jo-Ann & Ben's Wedding at Glen Magna Farms

Jo-Ann and Ben had the most amazing wedding at Glen Magna Farms, they also decided to have the photo booth and boy, was it put to good use! In addition to the usual props Jo-Ann and Ben also brought photo cuts outs of their cats, a lobster costume and Karen, one of Jo-Ann's sisters KNITTED the Viking Hats! And then the most amazing things of the wedding guests just happened to have a bear suit with him :)

Jo-Ann called this one "Surf & Turf"
Ben's parents joined in the fun:
Jo-Ann's parents also tried out the Viking hats
If you were at the wedding and you want to see ALL of the photobooth antics then head on over to Leah Haydock Photography on facebook and hit "LIKE" and I'll put the pictures up later tonight :)

In the meantime here's a little slideshow set to "Galactic Fantastic by Ben Diagram"

If you're thinking about adding the Photo Booth to your wedding then here's more info on the space required and the different backdrop options:
Leah Haydock Photo Booth

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