Boston Engagement Pictures :: Alyssa + Will

Alyssa and Will sat next to one another in geometry class. Alyssa was fidgeting and playing with a piece of tape. She somehow accidentally flicked it into Will's face where it stuck. They laughed so hard that they weren't allowed to sit next to each other in class again.

The geometry incident led to a great friendship through school. Alyssa and Will would spend hours on the phone (remember when you used to call your friends vs. send a two line text?!?)

They stayed in each other's lives for the longest time and then there was this one night...and they started dating!

There were a couple of bumps along the way including a very sad time when they didn't talk at all but luckily a conversation about concert tickets brought them back together.

Alyssa and Will took a trip to Vermont and Alyssa reports that Will was most insistent that she visit the spa to get a massage. Will needed some time alone to put his proposal plan into place! 

While Alyssa was at the spa, Will spring into action, he hid the engagement ring under the table where he had Dom Perignon on ice waiting for Alyssa to get back. He knew that Alyssa would likely flop down on the bed after her massage so he even lay down to make sure she couldn't see the ring from that angle.

Alyssa foiled Will's plans when she insisted on moving the table to snap a picture of the champagne but Will forged ahead regardless and asked Alyssa to marry him

Alyssa said yes and they'll be married in September at Wentworth by the Sea with a great wedding team including Tangorra Wedding Planning, Flower Kiosk, Boston Wedding Films and Jennifer Tawa!

Alyssa and Will - I hope you like these previews! I had the BEST night photographing you both and talking about food and fish shares and lobster rolls and island cooking! I can't wait for your wedding!

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  1. Hi Guys, auntie here. This is lovely. I've never seen this on the internet. Bill and I are looking forward to your wedding.
    We were the first ones to RSVP??? We love you both so much, hugs, Auntie and Bill