Bowdoin College, Maine Engagement Pictures :: Joanna and Joe

I think the crazy storms we've been having this week have finally ended. Hoorah. Despite having numerous surge protectors I get so nervous about lightening and the last few days have seen me endlessly unplugging, replugging and uploads have taken forever! Anyway, enough about my weather issues, let's hop on over to Bowdoin College in Brunswick, ME to meet Joanna and Joe.

At the end of freshman year Joanna and a friend were walking across the quad when the friend spotted Joe and insisted on introductions as Joe would be living on the same corridor as Joanna the following year.

As the following year rolled around, Joanna and Joe found themselves not only living on the same corridor but actually sharing a wall. They also shared a lot of laughs and found themselves spending more and more time together.

Joe planned a visit to Joanna's hometown, still just friends but they both knew there was spark just waiting to happen

After the Columbus Day holiday they found themselves two of the few people on campus and went out for Chinese food. And the rest is history...

Joe was a keen sailor at Bowdoin so we made our way to the sailing center. I'm not going to lie, as we drove further and further out through the middle of nowhere, down ominously tall wooded paths and down dirt tracks I started to think "Where on earth are they taking me?!?!" but then we popped out on the most spectacular setting with a craggy Maine coastline, docks and sail boats. 

I had some major dress envy going on when I saw Joanna's super cute navy striped dress. Joe was also bringing the style with his bow tie.

I have this theory that Maine has the best sunsets in the world. I don't see colors like this in NH and Boston! 

Joanna and Joe will be married at Migis Lodge on Sebago Lake in Maine next year. Migis Lodge is not only THE VERY BEST PLACE IN MAINE TO GET MARRIED but it's also less than 2 miles from home for me. If I could only photograph weddings at Migis for the rest of my life I'd be a happy camper.

Joanna & Joe - thank you for introducing me to the beauty of Bowdoin and the sailing center. I had a blast hanging out with you both and can't wait for next May! If you'd like to see WHY Migis Lodge is the very best wedding venue in Maine, you can check out this blog post.

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