Boston University Engagement Pictures :: Ariel + Bow

Just a few days ago I met up with Ariel and Bow to take their engagement pictures in the Public Gardens, on the Boston University Campus and down on the Esplanade. We started with a little cocktail at the Taj and then wandered over to the gardens:

Ariel and Bow initially met at orientation at BU however it wasn't until they found themselves in the same class at the School of Management that they got to talking.

Side note - I'm a huge Charlotte Olympia fan so I had major shoe envy happening when I saw Ariel & Bow's shoe choice for our pictures! 

The class was asked to pair up for an upcoming project. Bow asked Ariel if she's be his partner for the assignment. Ariel agreed but explained that she'd actually already completed the project due to an upcoming trip to NYC.

We stopped by Ariel & Bow's home for a quick outfit change and I got to meet their beautiful cats.   I think it's Luna on the left and Aslan on the right :) 

Bow therefore didn't have to do much work for the joint project and it only got better when the marks came back and Ariel & Bow had 18/20. Bow explains that Ariel is pretty smart but that he was smart for picking her as his classmate!

Our next stop was the BU campus:   

After that Ariel and Bow became firm friends, Bow would bring Ariel a Starbucks before every class and in return Ariel would give Bow advice on his latest dating dilemma. All of Ariel's friends would ask her if there was anything between then but Ariel insisted they were just friends.

One school vacation Ariel had plans to visit Beijing, Bow's home town. Bow offered to pick her up and realized he had "more than friends" feelings!

A relationship began and last year Bow planned a lunch at Per Se in New York City for Ariel with her parents and his mom in attendance. Prior to the lunch Bow had visited Cartier to buy an engagement ring.

The team at Cartier knew that Bow would be proposing at lunch and had arranged for champagne to be delivered. So on top of the pressure of proposing, Bow also had a waiter watching him constantly for a signal to bring the champagne over!

Ariel said yes, they all drank champagne and they'll be getting married at Wychmere in less than two weeks! You might be wondering what's happening in these pictures below. Ariel and Bow are super into photography themselves and Bow showed me his favorite profile picture that Ariel took. It involved some pretty impressive jumping skills so we decided to see exactly how high Bow could jump :) 

We wandered down to the Esplanade to find a pretty impressive night sky (and the occasional runner!)

Ariel & Bow - thank you for being so easy to photograph! I hope you like this little selection of favorites. Lots more to follow in your full gallery, I'll see you both very soon!

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  1. When looking through these pictures and read the post, there's almost tears coming out. It was such a great day and we had a lot of fun. Thanks for the amazing photos and the drinks at Taj. Also need to mention how much we love to have our cats in the scene. Again, could not say more to thank you, and we look forward to see you at our wedding!