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I was recently contacted by The Improper Bostonian to see if I could help with a feature they were writing about getting married at Boston City Hall. As a frequent Boston City Hall Wedding Photographer I was happy to provide images and contact details for some of the couples I've photographed at City Hall - pick up a copy of the Improper to check them out:

My image of Julia and Scott walking up the steps to City Hall was used as the opening page of the feature all about having your wedding ceremony at Boston City Hall:

And then Julia & Scott and John & Erick were interviewed for the article:

There was also a great interview with City Clerk Maureen Feeney (who has always been absolutely lovely at all of the City Hall weddings I've photographed. Maureen makes the brief ceremony as personal and meaningful as possible and she's super awesome about allowing photography)

If you're wondering how to get married at Boston City Hall then here's the scoop. And because all blog posts are better with pictures I'll illustrate this info with various weddings I've photographed at City Hall:

Official Requirements
1. Both parties must be at least 18 years of age.
2. Both parties must show valid government-issued photo ID (driver's license, state ID or passport) plus you have to know your social security number
3. You'll need to supply the following information - legal first, middle and last names (and also what surnames will be used after marriage), dates of birth, occupations, any previous marriage status (second marriage, widowed etc), birth places and parent's name and marital status at the time of birth
4. There are no residency requirement for either party, and you are not required to live in Massachusetts or the United States.

Pre-Ceremony Process
1. You must both be present to apply for & file a Marriage Intention Form with the City's Registry Division (you can't do this through the mail). This will cost $50.
2. After filing a Marriage Intention, there is a three (3) day waiting period before you can pick up your Marriage License.
3. Once you have your license, you must make an appointment for your ceremony and bring the license with you.

1700 marriages took place at Boston City Hall last year! Here's Sonja and Jonathan waiting for their names to be called:

Head up to room 601 (you'll have to go through security just like in the airport), sign in and then you'll make your way into the City Clerk's office:

- It's a fairly tight space so I'd personally recommend a maximum of 2 guests!
- Your ceremony will cost $60 with a service fee of $15 (cash only)
- Boston City Hall Weddings take place Monday through Friday (excluding Wednesday) 10-11:30am and 2-3:30pm
- The ceremony is fairly brief, maybe 10 minutes including paperwork (although you can bring your own vows if you'd like to)and it'll take place in the City Clerk's office , you don't need to memorize your vows!

You'll be seated and go through the official paperwork confirming names and other details. Here's John and Erick in the office:

The ceremony usually takes place in front of the bookcase and even a brief ceremony can get emotional!

If you have a cute nephew you can bring him as your ring bearer!

Let's look at some of Julia and Scott's pictures, Julia was alternating between giggles and happy tears already:  

Julia and Scott chose to write letters/personal vows to each other to read out before the standard marriage vows and it all got a little emotional:

City Clark Maureen Feeney always makes very short ceremonies still feel very personal and meaningful (not to mention there's a thoughtful box of tissues on hand):

There's just about enough room for a couple of guests - in this case Julia's parents

Julia's grandmother Geri was so happy:

The "recessional":

If you're looking for a Boston City Hall Wedding Photographer then get in touch to find out more about my mid-week elopement and petite wedding collections. You'll get photography coverage of your Boston City Hall wedding plus an hour for post-ceremony pictures. Perfect for some happy "just married!" pictures of the two of you and if you have any family or friends present. We can head to the Boston Public Gardens: 

Or we can stop by the library perhaps:

Or the financial district and Post Office Square is close by:

Get in touch if you're planning your own Boston City Hall wedding! And check back in tomorrow for an EPIC recently published wedding....

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