Baby Pictures :: Introducing baby Logan

August 2013 was a hot, hot month but I still look back fondly on Libby & Blake's wedding at the Colonnade, I was super happy to see this wedding picture of them cuddled up on the black and white checkered floor of the Colonnade framed in their home.

And speaking of Libby and Black, look who joined them! Yes, it's baby Logan!

Morty the dog was a little suspicious of me with my camera and stood guard for a while:

Logan spent most of our session sleeping, he looked pretty cosy all cuddled up with Libby and Blake: 

And then he decided he'd wake up and check out what was going on. Is it a smile or is it gas? I'll take it :) 

Libby & Blake - Congratulations!!!! So great to see you both, Logan is a lucky little boy having you two as parents! 

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