Spring Engagement Pictures in Newburyport :: Ashley + Peter

I really wanted to title this post Winter Engagement Pictures because the April night I met Ashley and Peter was freezing cold with a driving drizzly rain and it had snowed the day before. Ashley and Peter were troopers in the icy conditions shrugging in and out of their coats and doing their best not to look chilled to the bone!

I loved this series of pictures, I think it gives you a little insight into Ashley and Peter's relationship  - laughing and enjoying each other's company despite terrible weather conditions! 

Anyways, enough about the weather. Ashley and Peter met at a fundraising event. They were both early to arrive and they both noticed each other. Ashley also noticed (in her words) the "hot blonde" with Peter and was kind of sad that he was with someone. 

As the first people to arrive they all started talking in a small group and Ashley asked the blonde how long she'd been dating Peter. Much hilarity ensued when it was revealed that Peter was accompanied by his sister! Ashley admits to being happy this out. 

By the end of the evening Peter made sure he had Ashley's email and phone information AND the promise of a date the following week. 

Ashley went into work on Monday morning to find multiple emails and messages from Peter and there was all sorts of conversation before the date. The date started with drinks and then turned into dinner and the arrangement of date #2 the following night. Date #2 led to date #3 on the next night and now Ashley and Peter will have their wedding at the Harvard Club in Boston later this year. And I'm all kind of excited about being their Harvard Club Wedding Photographer

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