NYC Engagement Pictures - Emily + Matt

Last week I found myself in the meatpacking district of New York City to photograph Emily and Matt; their wedding will happen next month at The Barn at Gibbet Hill and I can't wait to be their wedding photographer. Although I have a strict "no drinking for Leah at weddings" rule I'll break the rules at engagement shoots and so we started with a cocktail: 

The meatpacking district was a great location for NYC engagement pictures, we had our choice of industrial areas, cherry blossoms and brownstones and even the high-line: 

Emily and Matt met at a party. They talked late into the night and when it was time to leave Matt chivalrously took Emily across the city in a taxi, kissed her goodnight and took another taxi all the way home. Emily was most impressed.

That chance meeting at the party led to a first date and a very happy relationship.

Emily and Matt both have incredibly busy schedules and Emily was pleasantly surprised when Matt reserved a day in her calendar for a "day of fun and love". The day started out perfectly with relaxing massages and then a cooking class. Emily was surprised when Matt suggested they go for a drive. 

One of the advantages of doing an engagement shoot is that your photographer might suggest pictures in a place that doesn't seem to make sense but when you see them they do! There was a massive construction project in the background here but I knew the illuminated scaffolding would make for an interesting backdrop! 

Emily didn't know where they were driving to but finally they arrived at Blue Hill at Stone Barns where they settled in for a memorable multi-course dinner. Course after delicious course arrived at their table and Emily was surprised when mid-dinner they were offered a private tour. After the tour, Emily & Matt were then re-seated in a private room. Little did Emily know that Matt had pre-arranged for a small video camera to be set up, the video recorded a silver domed platter being brought out and Emily's reaction to the engagement ring that it was hiding!

Emily & Matt - thank you for being so fun to photograph and for showing me a little glimpse of your hometown. I'll see you next month!!!

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  1. I love the scaffolding backdrop! Gorgeous photos as always!