Wychmere Wedding Pictures :: Cape Cod, MA :: Katlyn + Ryan

Wychmere wedding pictures, couple in sand dunes

How about a quintessential Cape Cod wedding for your viewing pleasure this Sunday afternoon? Katlyn and Ryan have an epic love story - from high school sweethearts to romantic trips to Australia culminating in a Miami proposal - and it was an honor to photograph their wedding day.  I started my day at Katlyn's family home on the Cape where all of the hair and make up fun was happening. 

Katlyn and Ryan planned their first dance to Stephen Kellogg's "Diamond" song. So what did Ryan do? Only write to Stephen Kellogg himself who sent over a handwritten copy of the lyrics which Ryan had framed for Katlyn as a wedding gift. 

I see a lot of welcome gift bags, this might just be the most comprehensive and thoughtful wedding gift bag ever! Love the tote bag, chocolate sharks, hangover kit, prosecco, craft beer and more! 

Katlyn's dress was hanging in her childhood bedroom and I'm not going to lie, her Carolina Herrera gown was giving me major dress envy, just stunning! 

Audrey started her day with Ryan and the guys over at Wychmere Cottage where the usual struggles with ties, cufflinks and suspenders were happening. 

Katlyn and Ryan exchanged letters and gifts prior to the ceremony and it all got a little emotional:

Ryan's mother, Donna, sadly passed away before the wedding but her presence was felt throughout the whole weekend. Everyone talked about Donna in their toasts and speeches and Ryan's father Mike, brought the whole room to tears at the rehearsal dinner talking about Donna's excitement when Ryan proposed to Katlyn and how proud she was of Ryan.

Katlyn was helped into her dress by her mother Judy and MOH Meg, once dressed, she came outside into the garden to be met by her family who were overcome with emotion: 

Time for a wedding ceremony! Katlyn and Ryan were married at Holy Redeemer Church in Chatham, MA by Father John Ozug who is a friend of Ryan's family. Katlyn walked down the aisle on the arm of her proud dad John and Ryan cycled through every possible emotion seeing his bride-to-be. 

Getaway in an antique Rolls Royce:

After the wedding ceremony we stopped at the overlook to take pictures. As Katlyn and Ryan didn't do a first look, they were smart and scheduled time for pictures with their respective families and wedding party attendants before the ceremony and then had an extended cocktail hour. 

From the rolls to the trolley and then there was also a little sailboat to ferry Katlyn and Ryan to cocktail hour. Thanks to Audrey for sailing with Katlyn and Ryan whilst I photographed their arrival from the dock at Wychmere. It was so much fun to watch the wedding guests slowly realize that the newlyweds were aboard and waving to them!

Steel drums at cocktail hour? Yes please!

If time allows, there's something pretty great about checking out the reception room, as newlyweds you're always last to arrive into the room once everyone is seated so it's kind of fun to check out the set up in advance. 

I was completely obsessed with this escort card table display, loved the shimmering oyster shells and driftwood display. Now would also be a good time to give a little shout out to some of the fabulous Cape Cod wedding vendors who I got to work alongside, Jamie and the planning team at Cape Cod Celebrations had everything firmly under control, Keith and the MapleLoft crew were awesome to work alongside as they made the wedding film and Beantown are always a killer band! Audrey is always the best second shooter and thanks to Paige who was the third shooter (recommended if you have 200+ guests!). 

The Wychmere ballroom is just stunning, a perfect classic Cape backdrop for your wedding, the flowers, rustic farm tables, glass chargers and menus just added to the ambience! 

Possibly the most energetic introductions ever! And straight into the first dance to "Diamond" with a masterful dip by Ryan! 

Funny and sentimental and poignant toasts: 

Cake cutting: 

Parent Dances, Katlyn danced with her dad John and her mom Judy got a little emotional. And then Ryan danced with his dad Mike to one of Donna's favorite songs.

Music by Beantown who killed it as usual: 

Katlyn and Ryan - thank you so much! It was a joy to photograph how much fun you had at your wedding and your families - Judy, John, Ryan, Mike - couldn't have been happier for the two of you! Wishing you a lifetime of love, laughter, health and happiness together! 

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