Goose Rocks Beach + Kennebunkport Engagement Pictures :: Anna + Justin

If you're looking at Anna and Justin and thinking "Hmmm, they look familiar..." that's because a few weeks ago I took pictures of them in their home town of Austin, TX (check them out if you want the story of how they met and the proposal!). While I was there we also planned to take pictures while they were on their annual Maine vacation. I met them at their vacation place and we walked the few steps to Goose Rocks Beach:

Anna has been coming to Maine every year since she was little (and Anna's Mom Kathleen before that) and Justin has also embraced Maine: 

After hanging out on the beach for a little while we made our way to Kennebunkport stopping on the way whenever we saw any interesting light or locations: 

This was actually just a big rock on the side of the road:

And we couldn't help but stop by this little farm type setting:

It will be during next year's Maine vacation that Anna and Justin will be married at St Ann's Episcopal Church - which is just stunning - the only outdoor chapel in the Kennebunks overlooking the ocean:

Anna & Justin - I'll see you in eleven months and two days. Can't wait!

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