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Do you know that Saturday morning is the new Saturday night?

Let's say you live in Austin, TX and you vacation every year at Goose Rocks Beach in Kennebunkport, Maine. You decide that Kennebunkport in Maine would be the perfect place to get married. You could:
a) Spend years planning a huge Saturday night event from afar
b) Have an early morning wedding at an outdoor chapel overlooking the ocean with a small group of friends and family, enjoy a champagne brunch and then enjoy the rest of the day at the beach.

I don't know about you but option b sounds pretty good to me and that's exactly what Anna and Justin decided to do. I started my day with Anna as she relaxed with her family and mimosas at The Tides Beach Club and Audrey was with Justin and the guys at Cape Porpoise Motel.  The always amazing Lena of Hair That Moves was making everyone look even more wonderful than usual. 

The beautiful bouquet on the right (and the centerpieces at the reception) were by the fabulous Kristin of Local Color Flowers

Everyone was super relaxed and having a blast, Lauren helped her sister into her wedding dress: 

If there's an award for the most laid-back bride ever it might go to Anna who shared her pre-wedding diet secrets of lots of BBQ and lobsters. Stunning! 

Anna and Justin wanted to have a little alone time prior to the ceremony so they decided to do a private first look and pictures prior to the ceremony. Best reactions ever:

St Ann's Episcopal Church in Kennebunkport is such a beautiful location for an outdoor wedding ceremony in Maine. I'm also loving the texture of Anna's amazing wedding dress: 

Guests were seated and it was time for the wedding ceremony to start. Once in a while I'm asked if doing a first look takes away from the emotion of the ceremony. I don't believe it does and here's why, the emotion that happens during your wedding ceremony isn't because you haven't seen each other for a few hours or because you're seeing your spouse in a new outfit. Any emotion is due to the fact that you're standing in front of your closest friends and family and making these huge vows to each other. And that's all I have to say about that. 

A perfect Maine summer morning: Wedding Ceremony at St Ann's Church in Kennebunkport, Maine

Happy vows:

Happiest married people ever! 

The great thing about having a small wedding in Maine is that it's totally feasible to get a group picture of everyone together. I may have climbed up on my car to get this one: 

We took a little time in the gardens of the church for some pictures of the newlyweds:  

Relaxed family pictures: 

After the limo driver insisted on taking a picture of Anna with his cell phone (not weird at all right?) we hopped into the car to make our way to the wedding brunch at The Kennebunkport Inn.  

Guests arrived at the sun-drenched patio to be met by a restorative glass of champagne: 

Anna and Justin didn't have an official wedding party but they have some amazing friends so we took some pictures with them: 

After a most enjoyable relaxed cocktail hour complete with delicious hors d'oeuvres it was time for some heartfelt toasts.

I left everyone to enjoy their brunch in peace before they made their way back to Goose Rocks Beach - is there a more perfect way to spend your wedding afternoon?

Anna & Justin - thank you for choosing me as your Kennebunkport Wedding Photographer. Way too much fun making your Austin engagement pictures in horrifically hot temperatures and Goose Rocks engagement pictures last summer (with a bonus Kathleen, Bob & Lauren sighting!) and then the most perfect Maine morning wedding EVER! 

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