Meredith + Brian :: Engaged

Meredith and Brian met through friends. The friends set them up on a blind date. Well, it wasn't truly a blind date because the friends took a couple of pictures of each of them so they could have a sneak peak.

Meredith wondered if Brian was bald because he was wearing a hat in his picture.

Brian arrived at Meredith's house to pick her up for their date brandishing a picture of Smurfette (alluding to Meredith's long blonde hair) and declared "Hmmm, you don't look quite like your picture!"

Brian is a hoot.

Meredith and Brian went on the quasi-blind date and had a lot of fun. It turned into another date and before they knew where the time had gone Brian was proposing on the bridge over the swan boats in Boston.

Meredith and Brian will get married next month and I met them to take pictures in Newburyport and Salisbury

They are very very very cute together.

As we arrived at Salisbury beach and the sky suddenly darkened to a deep orange color. The practical side of me was slightly concerned that it might be an impending tornado and the possible soaking of my cameras but it made for great pictures.

I asked Meredith and Brian what they were most looking forward to about being married. Meredith joked about looking forward to being done with wedding planning but then talked about how happy she is to be with Brian.

Brian thought for a minute and then explained how during the day at work, especially if it's a tough day, he'll think about how he gets to come home to Meredith. And then the day gets much better.

They spoke about how they don't have to be somewhere fancy or doing something exciting to really enjoy being together. I think you can see that in the next picture:

It's only a matter of weeks before their wedding and I'm so looking forward to it!

And here's a little on the white "play" triangle:

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