Georgette + Brett :: Wedding at the Beachmoor (Part III)

Click here for the engagement post, here for part I and here for part II, and then once you're all caught up, grab a cup of coffee/glass of wine and settle in for part III

We're back at the Beachmoor Inn after the wedding ceremony, sneaking in a few pictures before the heavens open again (remember, rain = good luck!), a little breeze catches Georgette's veil:

There is a lone pair of Adirondack chairs off to the side and the newly married couple sit down for a quiet minute.

We then head inside for the formal announcement of the new Mr & Mrs Young, I'm feeling the old Hollywood thing again:

The first dance:

The toasts are given by Brett's brothers:

Good toast = Big hug from brother

But then, instead of Brett's other brother, the second toast is given by Dr. Greg House from the popular Fox TV show:

House is funny:

Let them eat cake:

Time for some parent dances, did I mention I love Brett's Mom's dress - tres chic:

The rain is still pouring down but we head outside for a quick picture.

I love this picture, mainly because Brett is holding the umbrella in such a way that Georgette stays dry somewhat at his expense. And this is what marriage is all about - putting each other first. So congratulations you two - wishing you love, laughter, health and happiness together.

This fantastic song by Aqualung is called "Brighter than Sunshine" (click to get a copy on itunes) and I think it fits Georgette & Brett perfectly - their wedding and love was totally brighter than sunshine....

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