Corey + Isaiah :: Wedding at Maudslay State Park in the Vegetable Patch (Part I)

Corey found me on google and sent an inquiry explaining she was "on a quest to find a fantastic photographer". We talked for about an hour on the telephone and I had my fingers crossed the whole time that I'd get to shoot their wedding. They are just absolutely lovely and fun and kind and happy people. Corey exclaimed at one point "well, even if you can't shoot our wedding I think you should be our friend." :-)

Corey and Isaiah live in New York City and I'd hoped to shoot their engagement pictures there whilst at a photography conference. It didn't happen so I decided this was a good time to use the gazillion American Airline miles I have so I hopped on an early morning flight, we did a little shoot in Times Square and Central Park and I was home for lunch - you can see it here

And now....drumroll please....the amazingness that was the Team Exline wedding.

I met Corey and her super lovely Mom, Marylyn at the salon in Amesbury. As her hair was braided with flowers Corey sat very still wearing Isaiah's shirt which kept falling over her little hands. The texts were flying back and forth counting down the minutes until the wedding:

Some lovely details:

Loved this little alternative to the ring pillow:

With this bling...I mean ring...

And then we arrived at the Vegetable Patch at Maudslay State Park; an amazing little hidden meadow of tall green grass and bamboo surrounded by towering evergreen trees where Corey and Isaiah would be married. Corey's father - the Rev. Don Roberts - not only walked his daughter down the aisle but also participated in the marriage ceremony:

This might be one of the few pictures I have where Corey and Isaiah look somewhat composed - throughout the ceremony they were just giddy with excitement and anticipation.

A beautiful day for a beautiful couple:

As Rev. Don was giving the final blessing, Corey nearly jumped out of her little green shoes with the anticipation of kissing her husband:

Lots and lots of relaxed and fun family and wedding party pictures followed, here's a fun one. I LOVED the black grooms(wo)men dresses which were identical to the green bridesmaid dresses. Speaking as a very experienced bridesmaid and photographer, running/jumping shots are always much safer with straps/sleeves...

Hello cute flower girls:

Announcing the newly married Mr & Mrs Exline:

There was so much good about this wedding reception, from the brilliant Blue Grass band (you can see them in the top left of the picture below) to the BBQ-to-die-for, from the ice cold fruity lemonade to the little games and puzzles on each table - it was a perfectly welcoming and relaxed celebration.

Did I mention the BBQ? I had a couple of bites in between the toasts when I came back to my plate after the first dance and it has been kindly cleared away. I nearly cried.

And then it was time for the toasts. Please remember I'm a photographer and not a writer. I hope the pictures below give you a sense of the love and laughter when Julie spoke about the conversation she'd had with Corey when she came to the realization that perhaps she might want to be more than "Just Friends" with Isaiah.

And then Isaiah's sister spoke with so much love about their late father and how he had once placed a daisy chain on their mother's head and told her she was his princess for always. The tears started and Isaiah stood up to gently place a hand on his sister's back. And as he then pulled out a silver daisy crown for Corey and read her this poem by Roy Croft, more tissues were pulled out of purses.

Corey's brother is serving in the army and sadly missed the wedding. This soldier stood on Corey & Isaiah's table alongside a book for people to leave messages for him.

Isaiah danced with his beautiful mom, Vista:

And Corey danced with her dad as her mom and sister looked on:

I could show you a serious first dance picture but why would I do that when I can show you these two lovebirds trying to catch the bubbles:

As the ceremony wound to a close, everybody went back to Corey's parents' house to continue the celebrations and speak with her brother who would be calling from Iraq. Corey and Isaiah gave their friends directions on the phone and took calls from relatives wishing them well. Look how Isaiah always keeps in contact with Corey. Don't those wedding rings look good?

Don't worry it's not over yet - more fabulous pictures of these two as we snuck away for a little mini shoot in Newburyport just before it went dark - click HERE for part II

Flowers (stunning, stunning, stunning!): Greenery designs, Amesbury
Hair: Cutters Plus in Amesbury (978) 388-7177
Catering (mm mm mmmm - seriously, is there anyone who doesn't like BBQ? ): Blue Ribbon BBQ (Best of Boston 2008)
Location: Maudslay State Park
Band: (everybody was jumpin' jumpin') Blackstone Valley Bluegrass Band


  1. these pictures are absolutely fantastic, i don't know Corey and Isaiah but they look so very happy together

  2. We are SO happy together! And we could not be more thankful for Leah and her amazing talent. She has given us the most precious gift by so beautifully and completely capturing our Wedding Day. I could not recommend her more highly. Isaiah and I have already decided that she MUST be a part of all our milestones. I mean have you seen her pictures of babies? Stunning. We adore her!

  3. Ahhh - thank you Corey & Isaiah - I was honored to shoot your wedding and can't wait to shoot your little dancing babies :-). You two are the best!!

  4. Just wanted to giddily extend some admiration from and amateur photog - I think your composition and ability to capture the two personalities together are really amazing. Beautiful job. It was a gorgeous event and you managed to capture all aspects of it!

  5. Thanks a lot for doing such an incredible job. These pictures capture everything so well, it is really as if I was there.

  6. Parker is right...These were the most personal and attractive photos and truly show ALL THE LOVE that this couple have for each other...Thank you for caring for Corey and Isaiah and conveying their feelings on this important day. Parker, Walk In Safety With God!
    To All: Thank You for sharing this was almost like being there...FANATSTIC...Daria

  7. Awww!Im so glad you found your princess!
    Love, Snoo!