Kristine + Marc :: Wedding at Green Meadows Farm, Topsfield, MA

Click on these links to see the story of how Kristine & Marc met one another and their engagement pictures at Salisbury beach and then another mini shoot in Newburyport:

When I arrived to photograph the "getting ready" fun and some beautiful details, I found Kristine wearing her pajamas inside out. The polite and reserved British part of me didn't like to point out her mistake but she explained it brought good luck. I googled it and lo and behold it's true - wearing your PJs inside out brings good luck (and if you add a spoon under your pillow can even summon the snow, but we're getting off topic now):

Beautiful flowers:

Kristine had Marc's wedding ring engraved with "feels like home" which was also the song for their first dance:

I knew Kristine would be a stunning bride regardless of what she wore but when I saw her dress emerge from the hot pink carrier from Pure Bliss in Newburyport I knew she'd look absolutely spectacular:

Loving the Old Hollywood thing that's going on here - classic, timeless, stunning, beautiful:

Intricate and delicate lace:

The dress fit Kristine like a glove but was demure at the same time:

Kristine stepping into her brown suede cowboy boots for the wedding at Green Meadows farm

And here's Marc waiting patiently for the hay ride to arrive with his bride:

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