Kristine + Marc :: Wedding at Green Meadows Farm, Topsfield, MA (Part II)

Check out Part I of Kristine & Marc's wedding HERE, and then keep reading for more....we're at Green Meadows Farm in Topsfield, MA:

Kristine walked down the aisle on the arm of her very proud father:

Marc watched Kristine walk toward him:

Kristine's dad held her onto her so tightly and then gently gave her hand to Marc:

It was a stunning day at the farm:

Heartfelt vows:

By the power vested in me by my blog, I now pronounce you Mr & Mrs Soares.
Marc - you may kiss your bride:

Kristine & Marc jumped on the hayride:

If you're currently planning your wedding, I hope the next two pictures will convince you of why it's such a great idea to schedule a half hour (or even 15 minutes) of time for the the two of you to get pictures alone. You get a quiet moment together to breathe it all in AND you get those "yay! we just got married" pictures:

And then we headed to O'Fado in Peabody for a reception that honored Kristine & Marc's Portuguese heritage. A huge amount of work had gone into this celebration - from the candy bar, to the fruit centerpieces with recipe suggestions and the picture montages:

First dance and the newly married couple walking down to dinner:

After the most AMAZING dinner ever, Kristine took the microphone and sang "The Way I Am" and she was PHENOMENAL!!! Marc's reaction to the line "I'll buy you Rogaine, when you start losing all your hair" is captured below:

The best part of wearing cowboy boots under your wedding dress is that you can dance like no one is watching :-)


Throughout the night, Kristine & Marc were always together - eating, talking, dancing - and that's how they'll be going forward. The rest of the world may be spinning but they'll hold on to one another...


  1. Beautiful story telling images and words Leah! I love the "we just got married" shots -- wow, what timing!

  2. beautiful....your pictures captured the love the two feel for each other and their connection to their families! brought tears to my eyes to see some of them!

  3. Wow, these are AMAZING!!!
    I would love to get some jpegs of the farm ones for our website and of course would credit you. These are so wonderful!
    Green Meadows Farm