Wedding in Rockport, MA - Caitlin & Matthew (time for the ceremony)

Beautiful details posted earlier HERE and now we're at St Joachim's church in Rockport, MA for the wedding of Caitlin and Matt.

Caitlin walked down the aisle on the arm of her proud father; she didn't look to her left or her right, just straight ahead at Matthew:

Feeling the significance of the moment, Matt looked straight back at Caitlin:

As they met at the altar, Matt kissed Caitlin once, twice, three times and everything was good:

Monseigneur (who had officiated at many important events in the lives of Caitlin's family) started to tell the story of how Caitlin and Matt met each other and fell in love and Matt lost it again:

Caitlin squeezed his hand, they looked at each other and smiled, and everything was good again:

After they were pronounced husband and wife, Matt kissed Caitlin and everything was really good:

I know, I know, you thought I was done with the shoes. But just before joining everyone in the sign of peace, Caitlin grinned and I got this shot:

After the ceremony and some relaxed family portraits, I had two hours in the beautiful town of Rockport with the wedding party:

Earlier this year, I photographed Caitlin & Matt in Beacon Hill in the most often photographed street in Boston. And so it seemed only fitting that we took pictures at Motif #1, the most often painted building in America:

You know you have really good friends and chose your wedding party wisely when they smile and laugh for photographs despite it being a bracing 42 degrees. Matt's brother and brother-in-law bonded beneath a black furry coat and the bridesmaids sheltered in alleyways between shots. We bumped into Caitlin & Matt's soccer teammates and their hats, gloves and scarves should give you some idea of the frigid temperatures:

We sent the rest of the wedding party to go get warmed up and I caught a couple more shots of Caitlin & Matt:

I didn't want to keep them from enjoying cocktail hour and said "we'll head back as soon as you like!", we got a few more pictures on the rocks and then I realised...
- Matt looked frozen
- Caitlin's veil was nearly lost to the wind (moment of detachment below)
- I couldn't feel my fingers anymore:

so we walked back to the Rockport Art Association pausing to get a picture with this man made from grass:

Are you excited to see pictures of the reception? I am!


  1. A beautiful story about a beautiful couple, beautifully captured and told by a beautiful photographer with a beautiful heart. Simply . Beautiful !

  2. leah! these are stunning! i especially love the picture where they are touching noses. you are so great!