Winter Engagement Pictures in Boston :: Lori + Kristopher

Lori & Kristopher live in Santa Monica, CA and contacted me through email regarding their September 2010 wedding in New England (thanks to one of my favorite 2009 brides, Tracey, for the referral). When I meet with potential clients I always tell them to take their time making the decision on who to hire to document their wedding - do research into photography styles, get referrals from friends and family, figure out your budget, meet with as many photographers as possible and then make an informed decision that you feel 110% confident in.

So when I met with Lori & Kris on the Monday after Christmas during their visit home for the holidays, I was happily surprised that we figured out the details of the contract on Tuesday and then shot engagement photos in Boston on Wednesday! And it's testament to how lovely they are to be around that we had so much fun despite temperatures of just 19 degrees. Brrrrrr.

We started in Beacon Hill:

Lori & Kris met at high-school. Yes, real live high-school sweethearts. Kris was on the football team and Lori was a cheerleader. The first time they met was at a party and Kris threw Lori into the swimming pool. His attempt at wooing her obviously worked and they started dating. Since then they've broken up (as you tend to do as teenagers - oh the angst), got back together, moved to New York and now to California.

Lori travels a lot with her job and had just made the long journey home from Samoa when Kris suggested they go for a walk and watch the sunset. Lori couldn't understand why he was looking for the camera to bring with them. And then he asked her to be his wife and she understood. And more importantly she said yes:

Winter engagement photographs are so fun to shoot; you might have snow, maybe some twinkly holiday lights, everyone bundled up in cute scarves but my hands don't always agree with this sentiment. I'd check in with Kris & Lori periodically "are you doing OK? need to go inside to warm up?" but they were having such a blast (or maybe they were just being polite?) that we stayed out. And then finally my shutter finger went on strike, it literally wouldn't/couldn't press the button. So I put my thumb into action. And then one of my cameras froze up so I figured it was a sign. And wouldn't you know - perfect timing fingers - we just happened to be near the Fairmont Copley Plaza so we went inside to warm up and enjoy a little cocktail in the Oak Bar.

It was starting to get dark but the Christmas lights were still out in full force around the city. Here we are outside the Taj Boston, I love the way that after all these years Kris still looks at Lori like he's the guy on the football team dating the hot girl on the cheerleading squad:

Hello twinkly lights on Commonwealth Avenue, how nice of you to light up this picture for me:

Way too much fun for freezing conditions! I am so looking forward to more engagement pictures in the Spring/Summer and then to the wedding at Groveland Fairways in the Fall. Yay - it's the four seasons of Lori & Kris :)

I've read somewhere that the ideal wedding photographer/client relationship is like instant yet temporary best friends, I think that's a funny kind of description but somewhat true. So I went back over to my new BFT's parent's house a couple of days later to show them a preview of pictures and this little video which I rated a success because Lori's Mom cried (click on the little white play triangle in the picture below and turn up the speakers):

BFT = Best Friends Temporarily. Oh I'm on fire today. And happy birthday Kris!!!

Want to see the Summer Engagement Pictures? Click *here* Ready for the wedding??? Getting ready pictures *here*, wedding ceremony at St Monica's Church in Methuen *here*, family formals at Groveland Fairways *here* and wedding reception *here*


  1. Wow, so beautiful.

    Especially the one-- kiss under a tree, I like it most.

    Such a beautiful memory in their life.

  2. The Pics were AWESOME!!!! Kris looks like a real Paisan in his hat and Lori is ofcourse beautiful. Thank God she got her Uncle Mike's looks. Hee-Hee. Good Luck and you make a great couple. I knew you could do it Kris.

  3. Hi Sweetheart and Kris:
    The pictures are soooo beautiful, i cried thru all of them. I guess it was just a rehearsal for the wedding. Every picture touched my heart so deeply, it's hard to explain, but my grandchildren are the love of my life and you are the first to marry. You followed your heart as I told you and I'm sure you both will have a happy and loving life together.
    I wish you all the happiness that life can bring your way. I love you both so very much.

    Love always and forever,

    Your Nana xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  4. Kris and Lori your pictures come out so beautiful. I knew this would be happening some day. You two will make such a wonderful couple. You haved already shared so many years together, so many memories. Have a happy life together always. I love you both.

  5. Thank you, Leah. For the great pics, and the birthday wish.

  6. The pictures are fantastic! Kudos to all of you for standing outside in the bitter cold to take the photos! They look fantastic :) What kind of a lens do you use? Incredible!

    Nicole Chan

  7. Loving all the comments!

    Nana - I'm glad I made you cry (in a happy way I hope) and I'm looking forward to getting lots of lovely pictures of you and Lori and Kris at the wedding

    Nicole - thanks for the kind words. Typical lenses on a shoot (all Nikon) are 85 1.4, 70-200 2.8, 50 1.5 plus a few more favorites in the Shootsac bag :)

  8. Kris and Lori, you look wonderful together. I really miss you guys and can't wait to see you. The photo's are amazing. Wonderfully done. This is one of those wonderful moments in life, the ones you want to remember forever. These pictures will never let you forget.

  9. Lori and Kris- Pictures are amazing! I love them all. I tried to pick one that I loved, but couldnt seem to pick just one! LOVE YOU BOTH!...
    p.s. Great job to Leah!....

  10. if TRUE LOVE had names...
    it would be Lori & Kristopher <3
    you are a beautiful couple