Wedding at Willowdale Estate :: Linda + Tom (Part II)

And we're back at Willowdale Estate for the wedding of Linda and Tom after the getting ready part you can read about HERE if you missed it.

We knew it would be getting dark around the time of the wedding ceremony and we didn't want to waste the opportunity to get photos in the beautiful grounds of the Willowdale Estate so Linda & Tom opted for a first look prior to the ceremony.

Tom stood alone in the quiet courtyard as Linda came out to meet him. As Linda lightly touched his shoulder he turned to look at his stunning bride and that little smile turned into the biggest grin I have ever seen!

I think it's safe to say that Tom is feeling pretty happy in this picture:

They walked together across the field holding hands, whispering, laughing, just the two of them; they stopped in the doorway and Tom couldn't help but lean in for another kiss:

And then we took advantage of the beautiful setting sun to get wedding party and family pictures. And the best part? Linda and Tom got to mingle with their friends, sip their signature cocktail and enjoy all the delicious appetizers at cocktail hour.

Here are the "guys" goofing around (is that a toothbrush? a pen? a firework?) plus Best (Wo)man Michele who is a great friend of mine - her toast was phenomenal, more on that later:

And Linda with her sister Mary Jo and and Tom's sister Jenna:

A couple more photographs of the wedding party, gotta love the setting sun:

And featuring ring bearers extraordinaire Michael and Joseph:

One of the many relaxed family portraits - big thanks to Gene Jr for laughing at all my jokes - the checks in the mail :-)

And then we headed into the Great Room where the ceremony would be held:

Linda on the arm of her proud father:

As Linda turned to see Tom, I shot his expression over her shoulder. I know sometimes couples wonder if having a first look will take away from "that moment" but I think Tom's expression says it all. If anything, I tend to hear that the nerves are gone and they can enjoy being in the moment:

The ceremony took place in front of this stunning fireplace and finally - a use for all those years of Latin lessons! The inscription reads:
Learn from the Past - Look to the Future - Live Today
which is really an excellent approach to have to life in general:

Mort who is a dear friend of Linda & Tom officiated the ceremony and it was everything a wedding ceremony should be - personal, moving, loving and so so funny:
Tom and Linda wrote their own vows. Tom started by saying that he had struggled with where to begin in expressing his love for Linda but then he remember how she'd encouraged him to write letters to her when they first got together and so he wrote a letter for her today:

And then Linda made her vows to Tom and all the while he held on to her hand so tightly:

See what I mean about Mort being pretty darn hysterical:

By the power vested in me by the state of my blog, I now pronouce you Mr & Mrs Stacy. You may kiss your bride:

I know, I know, too many pictures as usual, my apologies for making you wait for them all to download, but click HERE for more pictures including the toasts, the dancing, possibly the most unusual "last dance" ever and the great list of vendors!


  1. Aspiring ME photographerJanuary 4, 2010 at 11:43 AM

    Beautiful. Wow, I follow your blog and find your images so crisp and love how you capture the feeling of each wedding.

  2. Hello photographer from Maine (I assume that's what the ME is?). Don't be shy! Send me an email ( and let's have a coffee and chat!