The Tipping Point or How to masterfully dip your bride

I photographed the wedding of Corey & Isaiah last year. Their fall wedding at Maudslay Park in Newburyport, MA stands out in my memory for the moving ceremony conducted by Corey's father, hysterical dancing, the beautiful wedding party, toasts that were somehow heart-wrenching and joyous at the same time, the delicious BBQ by Blue Ribbon, and most of all for the mad dipping skills demonstrated by Isaiah. Evidence #1:

Corey's brother Park, missed the wedding as he was serving in Iraq so I met up with the happily married couple and Park and Corey's parents and sister to do a
family shoot at Christmas. As we finished the family pictures, I mentioned that I'd recently been a guest at a wedding and it was almost painful to watch the groom attempt to dip his bride - they didn't know where to start and ended up in an awkward sort of hunched over pose.

And so without further ado, I present Corey & Isaiah's "How to masterfully dip your bride" Guide:

I could barely focus for laughing as they carefully talked and demonstrated through "the dip". I had thought we were done with the middle picture above but then Isaiah declared "And finally - you need FLAIR!" and he and Corey simultaneously gave me
spirit fingers. Brilliant. Watch and learn people :)

And just as importantly as following a strategic well thought out plan; they also shared some do's and don'ts:

I can imagine Corey & Isaiah in the far away future when they're ninety years old. It might not be quite as dramatic or quite as deep but I think Isaiah will still add a little dip as he kisses Corey goodnight.


  1. Haha! This is *SO* cute! Rich and I better start practicing!!

  2. Oh my gosh! I love those pictures! What a great panel that would make! Leah, you are so incredible!