Engagement Pictures at Boston University (BU) and Boston Common :: Lauren + Aladin

This past weekend I met up with Lauren and Aladin to take engagement photographs on the Boston Common and at BU. As their wedding is just a few weeks away AND they live in Philadelphia we did a "10 pictures in 10 minutes" sort of insurance session a couple of weeks ago just in case the weather didn't work for their main shoot and you can see those **HERE**

Luckily the weather complied and we had some beautiful backlighting at 7:30am in the Public Gardens which made up for the alarm clock going off at 5:30am. Frankly, I'm still in shock that I managed to shoot for two hours without my obligatory bucket of diet coke:

As we walked over to these spectacular trees, a little baby squirrel was playing in the branches causing the petals to shower down like rain. Unfortunately the squirrel was camera shy and refused to sign a model release and so we didn't get the petals falling:

I tried to find a small child that I could pay to gently shake the branches but then the engineer in Aladin came out and he came up with the ingenious idea to throw a small branch upwards dislodging the loose petals so they would cascade down. Engineers are brilliant.

I googled the meaning of the tulip - and found out that it symbolizes perfect love? What a perfect coincidence!

Lauren and Aladin met at BU so it seemed only appropriate that we return there.

They both studied here at the College of Arts & Sciences. I'm guessing they never sat like this but it made for a good picture:

I also got to hear all about the BU Beach which is perhaps not like a usual beach in that there is no sand...or water...and I didn't see any ice cream. It's actually a small strip of grass next to Storrow Drive but if you squeeze your eyes tightly shut maybe the sound of the passing traffic sounds a little like the ocean?

Although I spent a fair amount of time in the library when I was at school, I don't recall any fun of this kind...

As we hopped in a cab to take us back (gotta watch the blisters, top tip - bring a pair of flip flops for walking between locations!), I asked Lauren and Aladin to come up with three words to describe each other. Aladin immediately said "sweet and loving" and Lauren replied with "supportive and fun" and then they both took a little time thinking of the third word. When Aladin proposed 'laid-back" Lauren laughed and said that was exactly what she'd been thinking. I guess great minds think alike...

Lauren & Aladin - thanks for being so easy to photograph and fun to hang out with - I am really looking forward to photographing your wedding on June 5th!


  1. Beautiful! I really love the one of the couple with the tulips blurred out in the foreground and the last one of them walking on the bridge. So pretty!!! They are a really cute couple! Nice job Leah!

  2. They are adorable! Tulip thing was cool!

  3. Thank you Neeta & Katherine! I love the colorful tulips too.

  4. These are awesome Leah! I had a great time on Saturday and am really looking forward to the wedding pictures :)

  5. Amazing! You've captured them so well. And they really are impossibly cute. Can't wait to see you at the wedding :)

  6. Wow, I want the same photographs taken when I'll choose to get married :oP

    Lauren and Aladin, you look great! Can't wait for the wedding, you'll look even more exceptionnal.

    Lots of love