How to choose a location for engagement pictures :: Lunda + Jonathan at Winnekenni Castle

When I shoot engagement pictures (and please don't think it has to be cheesy jeans and matching white shirts with your left hand on his chest to show off your diamond like **these pictures** ) my focus is always on the two of you. The location is definitely secondary. Sometimes there is a location with meaning, such as:
- Lauren & Aladin met at BU
- Kristine & Marc regularly ran together at Salisbury Beach
- Corey & Isaiah live and work in New York

I also enjoy finding an unexpected place to shoot and doing something new. The first time I did a mini-shoot for Lunda & Jonathan was for their save the date cards, you can check it out **here** - it was an awesome j.crew inspired winter engagement session. You probably wouldn't guess but most of the pictures were actually taken in our backyard and at the local village green.

We've been trying to schedule a time/date/location for their second shoot and it's been tough with Jonathan's travel schedule. We settled on Haverhill as that's where Jonathan was living when they got together and I happened to know of a cute little castle (thanks Tracey & Kyle!) so the following engagement pictures are mostly at Winnekenni castle in Haverhill, MA

Can't beat a castle as a backdrop right?

Sometimes I'm just unintentionally hilarious. They're laughing with me not at me right?

You know when the weather is doing that sort of not really raining, drizzly, spitting thing? Well I don't like it. It makes my hair frizz. Although on the plus side it means you can have some umbrella fun. In case you didn't already realize, Lunda is so much fun to photograph. I just say "Rock it out Lunda" and get stuff like this:

Jonathan finds it all pretty amusing too:

Sometimes I have these little visions in my head. Sometimes they're of photographs. Sometimes they work:

Lunda came up with this one all on her own:

Bling bling!

Leah: "Lunda - give me fierce!"

Last few pictures at the castle before we lost the light. Jonathan thought we were finished:

But no! Although I'm very prepared for each shoot I don't go so far as to bring along a set of twinkly lights. But what do we have here...we pulled over to a little area in the middle of the road (sort of like a rotary but not round) and I got these shots. Traffic lights for the win!

And then I spotted these vintage lamposts - like a moth to the flame....

How excited are you for the wedding? As excited as I am? Probably not as excited as Lunda & Jonathan. I think they're off at their respective bachelor and bachelorette parties at the moment. As long as we don't have a repeat of Las Vegas - kidding!!!


  1. Leah, the "cheesy" engagement photos link was such a hoot! Nothing like the fun and beautiful photos of Lunda and Jonathan. You're terrific!

  2. We had such a great time doing these with you. Jonathan even enjoyed himself and he usually dreads picture taking. When we got in the car he said, "that was fun."