Wedding Reception Photographs at the Inn at Pleasant Lake, New London, NH :: Lauren & Aladin

Before we begin, how about a quick recap:
The bride and her bridesmaids got ready **here**
Lauren & Aladin got married at St Andrew's Church in Hopkinton, NH **here**
We took some relaxed and fun family pictures **here**
And now sit back to enjoy the reception!
As I promised, more comments = more pictures so here are a whopping 24 photographs from Lauren & Aladin's wedding reception at the gorgeous Inn at Pleasant Lake in New London, NH.

One of the first things to catch my eye as we entered in the inn was the candy bar - mmm mmm mmm:

Lauren and Aladin are self-confessed chocoholics so it seemed only appropriate to photograph their wedding rings with some M&Ms. I may also have eaten these M&Ms after I took the picture - one of the many perks of being a wedding photographer:

This beautifully engraved silver bell was used throughout the evening to announce the newlyweds and the toasts:

Before everyone sat down for dinner Julie, Lauren's Mom, said a few words to welcome everyone and to say how happy she was for Lauren & Aladin. Kathleen, Lauren's sister, reached out to reassure her Mom as if she knew the tears were coming:

The best man, Palmer, has been friends with Aladin all the way through school and then university and he gave a beautiful toast to Lauren & Aladin. Everyone laughed as he explained how they've traveled the world together...well...Canada and Mexico and then everyone smiled as he talked about how they can happily spend 7 hours in the car together on their regular drives back and forth to Philadelphia without running out of things to talk about:

Lauren's Aunt Beverly had made the beautiful cake and her Aunt Meg was responsible for the flowers. Groomsman Raja did a fine job of spotlighting the cake and then the happy couple:

Schuyler caught this one of the super-cute penguin cake toppers:

It's probably time for a little dancing don't you think:

And if you're wondering where Aladin gets his mad dancing skills from, I think we can safely assume from his father Miki:

In between raiding the candy bar, dancing and generally having fun, some of the children decided it was time for a civilized game of checkers:

I think I've mentioned my love of twinkly lights before, so when I spotted this tree outside Lauren & Aladin happily toook a 30 second break from the dancing to cool down:

I'll leave you with one (well, actually two) last shot of the new Mr & Mrs. Milutinovic:

Lauren & Aladin - wishing you a lifetime of love, laughter, health and happiness! It was an honor to photograph your wedding day and a pleasure getting to know you both and your lovely families and friends. Have an AMAZING honeymoon!!! I'll have the album design for you to review when you return...

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  1. You are so talented! I'm curious about your rates, and if you do in fact do already married couples. Josh and I like to hit up New Hampshire quite a bit, so if it ever works out we might just book you.