Tower Hill Botanic Gardens :: Boylston, MA :: Engagement Pictures :: Prameela + Geoff

One of the perks of being a wedding photographer is that you are introduced to all sorts of amazing ideas and locations that you never knew existed for engagement pictures in Boston and NH - in the last few months I've shot engagement photographs in quiet meadows overlooking the ocean, hidden castles in Haverhill and secret gardens in the North End of Boston.

Last week I was introduced to the beauty of the Tower Hill Botanic Gardens in Boylston, MA:

Tower Hill is where Geoff & Prameela will have their wedding ceremony and reception in August, and I'm the lucky wedding photographer. It's such a stunning wedding venue - I took a bunch of wide-angle shots so you can enjoy the scenery too:

Geoff and Prameela worked in the same office on different teams. Geoff noticed Prameela and Prameela admits to remembering Geoff doing an impressive presentation on Business Intelligence...

Geoff asked Prameela if she'd like to have coffee with him one night after work.

Prameela assumed this was to discuss business and countered with lunch.

At lunch Prameela was a little confused when Geoff continually tried to steer the subject to personal conversation instead of work. It was only when talking to a friend afterward that Prameela realized that Geoff may have had other intentions... Prameela asked Geoff if he'd like to go for dinner. I imagine this is a good representation of Geoff's happy face :)

Can't beat a little controlled sun flare:

And from lunch to dinner to a proposal to a wedding in August - can't wait!

The extra interesting part of this story is that Geoff & Prameela were referred to me by a fabulous 2009 wedding couple - Denise & Krikor - when I shot their engagement pictures I made up some office statistics about people who fall in love at work and so now I'm revising my numbers to say that 25% of people find their future spouse at work.

Pay attention single people, there could be a secret hottie waiting around the corner at the water cooler...


  1. Awww, what a cute couple! I can't wait to see their wedding photos! I *LOVE* the Tower Hill Botanic Gardens. Gorgeous venue!

  2. Great images. That is a great spot for engagement sessions, I have done a few there myself.

  3. Very nice pictures and very cute love story. Wish you both a very happy and prosperous life together.Cant wait to see the wedding pictures.

    Arundhati & Saurav